5 vintage-inspired DIYs anyone can do

vintage pieces of art

Vintage goods, whether it’s clothing, home décor, furniture, or art, have a one-of-a-kind look that is captivating. That said, vintage items, especially those in good condition, can cost serious money.

As a result, vintage-inspired DIY projects are great in that they give you the vintage aesthetic that you’re looking for at a fraction of the cost.

Whether you’re a DIY expert who regularly does projects or someone looking to try a DIY project for the first time, completing a DIY project is a great feeling – even if you run into some unexpected challenges.

Furthermore, when you make something yourself, it automatically becomes more meaningful and memorable. Below, we cover five of our favorite vintage-inspired DIYs that anyone can do.

While some are a bit easier than others, all of these projects are certainly doable, even for a DIY novice. Let’s begin!

1. DIY Pearl Necklace for a Timeless Piece of Jewelry

When you think of vintage fashion, one person you’re likely to think of is Coco Chanel, and when you think of Coco Chanel, you automatically think of pearls.

A DIY pearl necklace is a fantastic idea because it’s a functional piece that will all loads of elegance to your outfits.

Fake pearl beads are extremely inexpensive and though they don’t shine like a real pearl, they’re still fun to use.

Regardless of whether you use real or fake pearls, putting the necklace together is quite simple and done in a few steps. All you need is the pearls, a bead cord, needle, bead clamps, and tweezers.

Using white pearls or faux pearl beads is a classic option, but black pearls are also a great option to consider.

2. DIY Floral Arrangement in Painted Mason Jars

There’s something about mason jars that give them a definitively rustic appearance and makes you want to use them every chance you get.

Despite how simple and easy this DIY idea is, it can give any room in your home a big boost in aesthetic appeal.

For this project, you’re going to need three supplies: a mason jar, multipurpose spray paint, and flowers. Try a vintage store for an antique mason jar – if you’re lucky, you might find some for a great price.

Once you have your mason jar, next comes the most important part, painting the jars. Purchase a can of multipurpose spray paint in a color you like that will complement the room you’re planning to put this piece…
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