6 ways to get your art and photography featured online

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Put your fears behind that restrict you from showing off your work, creativity and hidden talents. Have faith in yourself and click stunning pictures is not everyone’s cup of tea.

And on another note, showing a sign of courage to paint the whole universe in your own color is the capability of skilled hands.

Over this, manifest your photography and artwork to the audience can be possible with the use of digital media.

1. Launch an online art gallery

If you’re a great artist or photographer, no one can stop you to get popularity. Launching an online art gallery is not hard – it’s not that expensive and ongoing running cost is low; which means anyone can do it but the condition is they must have something creative to display.

This career has no limits; it can be pursued by full-timers, part-timers and even hobbyists. With this, you can run an art gallery for many more years.

Frequently, update your gallery collection with new or fresh ideas and on special events or days, upload your own art that indicates some social cause. Communicate with your client through your experimental designs or paints.

2. Install apps like Xenbu ASO

With the use of digital media, people get closer to each other. And the play store application shrinks the world at a larger extent.

An app like Xenbu ASO exists in the play store with an aim to give you a chance to showcase your talent. With this app, you can take part in the contest where you have to upload your own wallpaper and if win exciting cash prizes are showered to your bank account.

The smartphone wallpaper download through an app is a good option to telecast your talent and show the world about your online presence. With this opportunity, you can reach each corner of the world.

3. Choose a reputed online gallery to collaborate with

You can call it a smart move. When you’re not financially strong to stand out your own business online, make up your mind and choose a reputed online gallery to collaborate with.

Each art store has its own hub po rules and regulations, so after great research, select the well presentable online store.

Few online galleries have the policy to prevent you from exposing your piece of art to any other platform. This indicates the marketing reputation of that particular dealer.

In order to reach your potential customers, try to associate with who has strong marketing across the country. This will help you to learn marketing skills and how you can expand your network overseas…
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