7 beautiful destinations to see the Milky Way

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If only you knew what light pollution had taken away from us. As a stargazer, if I look up to the sky, it just makes me feel disappointed because the light pollution has made it impossible to view stars from the naked eye.

Have you ever seen the night sky during a power outage? It looks stunning! The stars alone shine enough to light up an entire city. Today, we can only spot as many stars in the night sky as we can count on our fingertips.

While not being able to see the night sky does sadden me, I find comfort in knowing that all the stars are still there and if someone magically flips off the switch of entire worlds electricity supply, these stars would be shining down on us as they once did on our ancestors.

Milky Way is our home; it is the galaxy in which our solar system has lived for billions of years. It is so extended that we can see the spiral with our naked eye if there isn’t too much light pollution in the sky.

However, given the current state of light pollution, it is impossible to witness the Milky Way in its full glory until and unless you go to one of the few places that are preserved by the governments for stargazing.

All the stargazers know that there are observatories across the globe that are built for research in the field of astronomy.

These observatories are mostly built in areas away from the city so that light pollution doesn’t become a hindrance in the research.

They are heaven for stargazers because they can visit these places and enjoy the night sky in its full glory with their telescopes or binoculars.

You can stay there and watch the stars all night; you can even name a star after someone. Read below to find out about seven places where you can see the beautiful spirals of the Milky Way.

Cherry Springs State Park in Pennsylvania

This place is a haven for stargazers. Cherry Springs Park is located on top of a mountain, and the weather is always kind of chilly. Therefore, I recommend you wear warm clothes.

There is a designated space for the stargazers known as Night Sky Viewing area. A backlit map is available on the path to the public activity area of the park.

If you’re a beginner, you can seek a guide’s help and they will teach you the basics of stargazing, like star hopping etc. Cherry Springs State Park also has Astro-cabins and lodgings that can be reserved for the purpose of staying.

The Chaco Culture Dark Sky Park

Located in New Mexico, this beautiful park is designated to stargazing. Chaco has been a place for stargazing enthusiasts since centuries, and it has committed to preserving the night sky with such dedication that…
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