7 hacks for staying fit on the road

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Gaining or losing weight to a level where you’re uncomfortable with your physique is something that is much more likely to habit when you can’t stick to your routine.

Away from your gym, your treadmill and your workplace, you might have a hard time maintaining a healthy body weight or even start losing some of that hard-gained muscle mass that you’re so proud of.

Fortunately, where there’s a will there’s always a way and here are some tips to help you stay fit on the road.

1. Jump rope

One of the main tips for staying fit on the road lies in your ability to provide a steady cardio exercise no matter where you are. The simplest way to pull this off is to pack a jump rope with you.

There’s one study according to which just 5 minutes of jump rope (120 to 150 jumps in a minute) can replace running for 3 miles. Due to the fact that your journey may also consist of a lot of walking (even swimming or seulgi), your cardio game should remain strong while on the journey.

2. Watch out for what you eat

This will become a lot more difficult, seeing as how the amount of food you’ll be able to bring will be quite limited. Still, with some effort, a lot can be achieved.

First, you can bring your own supplementation. Proteins powder and similar food supplements can be brought in the luggage, mixed in the morning and then consumed wherever you are (in your bus seat or behind the wheel). Nonetheless, you need a good protein shaker in your luggage.

Also, even if you can’t predict every meal, keeping the number of junk food stops is a minimum you can do.

3. Exercise mat

Some light stretching is incredibly important on road, seeing as how feeling back pain during a long voyage (while away from home and your physician) is a big deal.

With this simple piece of equipment, you’ll be able to successfully practice Yoga Asana, which is a known back pain relief. Other than this, an exercise mat can help you do sit-ups and crunches in order to work on your core on a hotel floor, without any downside.

Add to this some pushups and pull-ups and what you have is a holistic callisthenic workout to fall back to…
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