8 beauty trends to try this spring

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Winter is finally coming to an end and we couldn’t be happier, this past season can leave us feeling depleted for many reasons and spring is a fantastic time to try something new and reinvent your look.

Spring 2020 brings us so many exciting new beauty trends, we may be in the ’20s but by no means is conventional makeup making a comeback. This coming season, it’s all about having fun and making a statement.

It’s time to put away those dull wintertime palettes and fill your dressing tables with a pop of colour, read below for the top 8 trends you can try.

1. Embellish Those Eyes

We accessorise so many other parts of our bodies, so why not our eyes? Heading to a party, festival or just feeling a little adventurous? Use gems, stickers or anything else that takes your fancy and get creative.

Gone are the days of adding glamour just to the corners of our eyes, under the lower lid is a look that has gone down wonders on the catwalk and it isn’t too garish either.

For an easy dramatic look, use some high-quality false eyelashes to really finish it off, it’s a quick solution for the lazy fashionista.

2. Creative Eyeliner

Brace yourself, eyeliner doesn’t have to just line your eye. In fact, you can now get as inventive as your imagination will allow you and create any design and it’s actually in fashion!

Some ideas have included clouds, angel wings and even animal tails. This look is no longer just for Halloween parties, you can do it all year round! Teamed with a statement eyeshadow gives it the ‘wow’ factor.

If you don’t have a very steady hand, we recommend using a pencil liner instead of liquid, it’s a lot easier to correct mistakes and your lines don’t have to be as neat.

3. Romantic Hair

It’s finally time to wave goodbye to space buns and blunt cut bobs, the New Romantic era is upon us once again. The ‘40s inspired hair hasn’t really seen a resurface since after WWII but now it’s time for it to shine.

Elegant hair combs, clips and pins should be the next things you rush to buy. Team with textured waves and spirals and simply pin-up your sides for a coiffed up style.

4. Rogue Rouge

Every season, red lips are on the runway and probably always will be. The red lip is a classic fashion statement and women have been following this trend for decades. But how can we keep this current…
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