9 ways to improve your home on the cheap so that it sells

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Selling your home and getting the right price can be very difficult. There’s a lot of competition out there, but by following a few of these steps listed in this article you are going to find it much easier to sell your home. These tips won’t break the bank either.

Freshen up your paint

Even though the paint in your home can be changed by a potential buyer it can put them off if it’s too bright or too dark.

You may love the colour of your walls but a potential buyer could quite easily be put off by that ghastly pink you thought made the living room unique.

When selling your home I would recommend painting your rooms neutral in colour, this allows a potential buyer to imagine what your home could look like if they were to move in.

Freshen up the bathroom

A nice new bathroom can make or break your home when it comes to selling your home. Bathrooms were expensive many years ago, but now you can get entire affordable bathroom suites online and in local stores that don’t break the bank.

You may not need a full bathroom suite, you can simply replace the grout and caulk for less than it would cost to buy a new pillow for the living room.

Old stained caulk and grout can make a bathroom look grimy. Replacing the caulk and gout can make your bathroom look much newer than it is and it doesn’t take long to do at all.

Other items that can be added to the bathroom include new rugs, toilet seat and shower curtain. All are relatively inexpensive and can make your home feel a little more looked after and can help you sell your property quicker.

Pressure wash the outside

The outside of the home is constantly open to the elements. This causes your home to look dirty, and we all know first impressions count.

You can give your home a new lease of life by getting a pressure washer and blasting your exterior walls, driveway and any decking you may have.

Decking in my experience looks a million times better after being pressure washed.

If you don’t own a pressure washer, you can hire one from a local store for a small fee, it should only take you a day and the end result is worth it.

Add and prune existing greenery

A nice garden shows a potential buyer that your home has been well looked after. So get those green fingers out and prune any shrubs that need pruning.

If you don’t have flowers in or outside your home, go to your local flower market and pick up some potted plants…
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