A trendy Thanksgiving outfit

black bell sleeve sweater

Thanksgiving is in 15 days, I repeat Thanksgiving is in 15 days! The time is flying by and the holidays will be here before we know it. As you all know, holidays bring lots of events. When going to these events, you’ll want to stand out and let people you haven’t seen since last year’s holidays know how great you are doing. Today’s outfit is the perfect look to stand out. This trendy Thanksgiving outfit looks good on everyone and shows that you are one stylish chick.

The 1970s called and they are screaming, “YAS, girl, work those sleeves”. Bell sleeves are back and they are taking over. If you’ve gone to any store in the last several months you would have noticed that bell sleeves are everywhere, on blouses, sweaters, and dresses. Not only do I love bell sleeves because they are trendy but they add such a fun flare to any look. Plus, who doesn’t love to hold up their arms and admire such a lovely long sleeve?

When it comes to styling bell sleeves, the options are endless.


There are so many blouses that feature bell sleeves. A great way to style a bell sleeve blouse is by pairing with a suede skirt or jeans and booties.


My favorite way to style bell sleeves is in a sweater form. Since colder weather is here, oversized sweaters are great but sometimes looking trendy is a great way to switch up your outfits. Add a pair of jeans, sunnies, and booties and you’ll have the perfect outfit, a trendy Thanksgiving outfit.


If you are eyeing a dress with bell sleeves definitely choose a more form fitting dress with large bell sleeves. There’s just something about a dress hugging your curves with large bell sleeves that make the perfect outfit. Now pair that dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots and you’ll be looking so stylish.

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