Ever since I was a child, books were my refuge. I started reading children’s stories before bedtime, as I loved how they allowed me to submerge into a fantasy world where anything was possible. As I was growing up and reaching my years of adolescence, I moved on to books that were a bit more complex. But, just as it happened during my childhood, the pages of each book I read allowed me to leave behind my daily life for a little while.

So, no wonder that years later I decided that writing was the best option when it came to choosing my career. I really enjoy how writing challenges my mind and helps me stay in touch with people.

We live in an era when information is available in massive amounts. There is always something to be said, to be found out, or discovered. But, I believe that this is precisely why there should be people like me, who try to make information easier to digest by filtering it and making it more accessible to readers.

This is what I believe that my most important task is. Regardless of the information that gets in my hands, I need to make sure that each of my blog posts will become enjoyable to read while transmitting a message.

Of course, I write content for marketing purposes as well, not just blog posts. But even so, I think that the task is similar. People are interested in finding what’s new on the market, but they would like to be well-informed as well. This is where I step in. I help them discover new businesses and products so that they have the power to make informed decisions.

Do I see myself writing in the coming years? Probably yes, as I can’t see myself doing anything else for the moment. For now, the future is not showing me any other potential path I should walk on.

The truth is that I enjoy what I am doing and I think that this is the most important part. Everybody should be able to find at least some degree of happiness and fulfillment when it comes to their professional life.

This is why I am grateful for the chance to do what I like and earn a living out of it. And I plan to continue enjoying my activity and see what else I will learn tomorrow, and the day after, and so on and so forth.

But, enough about my writing and allow me to say a few things about the person behind these lines. I enjoy everything that is beautiful, from a gorgeous landscape to a nice dress, beautiful person, and all the things in between. I am also a practical person that prefers doing things in an effective manner, as I believe that time is precious and flies fast.

This is why I will not hesitate to share any tips about doing different tasks in a more effective and easy manner. In order to make sure that I don’t lose to much time during the day, I choose to wake up early in the morning. Of course, I do allow myself to sleep at least 7 hours per night, but I don’t enjoy spending too much time lounging in bed.

Apart from this, I enjoy walks, swimming, and spending as much time in the outdoors, soaking up the sun whenever I get the chance. I also like experimenting in the kitchen, twitching various recipes I find on the Internet when I am not writing.

So, before wrapping everything up, I will kindly invite you to check out my posts and see if you can get your hands on something useful. Even if you don’t need practical advise, then enjoy lecturing my other posts, as I am sure you will find them relaxing and interesting. At least this is what I try to achieve each time I write a post.
Yours truly,

Monica Pierce

monica pierce