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Gone are the days when men didn’t bother much about their look. Some didn’t even care about accessorizing their outfits. Although there could be a few who are still ragging behind, most men these days want to look stylish and fashionable just like ladies or even better.

However, for a man to look at his best, he must own certain accessories. Some accessories may seem minor but they have the power to make a huge difference. A gentleman’s wardrobe should reflect his personality, style, taste and preferences.

Getting the right accessories for most men can be a bit tricky and some don’t even know where to get those stuff or how to make good use of them. Fortunately, this post is meant to help every man out there who would love to look sharp every time whether going to work, attending a special event or just hanging out with friends during the weekend. To do so, here are a few accessories that every man should strive to own no matter what.


An exceptional timepiece is a hand accessory worth investing. It’s the greatest accessory every man should be proud to showcase. Apart from a good watch being an accessory, its functionality is essential in a man’s life. It portrays the wearer as a person who knows how to use his time to better himself. When shopping for a good watch, consider investing in one gorgeous functional timepiece other than several low-quality timepieces. Some men are tempted to own such watches so that they can be interchanging them, but note that an incredible outfit can easily be sabotaged by not so good-looking watch.

The choices of a good watch are endless. You just need to do your research and get one that suits your personality. A watch that can fit into your daily style is usually the best option. Therefore, consider your occupation when choosing a watch. No matter what you do for a living, your personality or taste, make sure you own at least one watch. If you can afford more without compromising the quality, then that would fantastic.

A pair of sunglasses

Please, do not be too old fashioned to think that sunglasses are meant for people with eye problems only. A good pair of sunglasses can give you a smart and edgy look the moment you put them on. Even if you are not going to wear them to the office, a good pair of sunglasses for winter sun, vacations and road trips is a thoughtful idea. Do not hesitate to invest in quality sunglasses so as to avoid buying new ones every time you need to use them.

A tie

When it comes to ties, the many the best. Having several ties means it won’t be a problem to choose the one to wear no matter the occasion or the colour of the shirt or suit. Although many ties are good, be careful not to buy cheap ones to avoid spending. Even if you are working on a budget, try to stretch it a little further to accommodate some good ties made with quality materials. A tie made of awful material can ruin your look even if you are pairing it with an expensive shirt and suit. And by the way, if you can afford an expensive suit, then you can afford a good tie as well. For men who are into the informal sector and probably don’t suit up very often, owning a navy blue tie made of silk material can save you during those days you have to rock in a suit.

Good-quality wallet

Of course, you own a wallet, right? Which man doesn’t anyway? But the problem comes with when it was first obtained. A lot of men can go for years without changing their wallets or even cleaning them. That’s why it is not unusual to see a man removing a tattered wallet from his pockets. This is a big mistake that a man who cares about his look should be concerned about. It is a real turnoff that can really tarnish your image and respect you have worked so hard to earn. A wallet is a man’s accessory you shouldn’t leave behind or forget to replace if it’s getting old. It’s among the accessories you need to be a gentleman.

A belt

A man who cares about his look should have at least 3 belts but if you can afford more, the better. These days, most men’s pants are designed to fit without a belt but you will still need to wear your belt right to accentuate your outfit. So, don’t assume that because your pants are fitting there is no need of a belt. If you are in the corporate world, a belt will help to break up most of your outfits to give you a simple but elegant look. Men who are more into casual outfits should have one or two casual belts for everyday use but also ensure they have a dress belt as the need might arise for one any time. Black leather or a dark brown belt is usually a good choice.


Socks have been an accessory for men for years. However, men who are looking for a more stylish look are drifting away from the typical pairs of socks we used to know and opt for the ones with trendy patterns and bright colours. Although you can choose any type of socks, cotton socks never disappoint. They help in sweat absorption to keep your feet comfortable and odourless. Always make sure the colour of the socks you choose to wear compliments the colour of the shoes.


Although women love to rock in scarves more than men, a good-quality scarf is a great accessory in every man’s wardrobe. Pair your beautiful scarf with a pea coat or a casual jacket to keep you warm during the winter without compromising your style.

Dopp kit

As a gentleman, your hygiene should always be on the check. Hence, ensure you invest in tools such as scissors, razors and a trimmer among others depending with your personal hygiene needs. For these items to serve you well, they should be kept in good condition and that’s where a Dopp kit or a toiletry bag comes in. Many men think a Dopp kit if only useful when travelling but even at home, it can help keep your stuff organized, clean and easy to reach.

Let your looks show you are a gentleman

You don’t have to break the bank to look sharp and elegant. You just need to know the right accessories for you, how to accessorize your outfits and invest in good-quality accessories. It is the only way your sense of style will always be on point.

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