These are the best foods to eat before drinking

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If you’ve ever had this tingling sensation in your stomach or feel uncomfortable after drinking, you should know that this is as a result of drinking on an empty stomach. The pain you feel the following morning after a bottle of beer isn’t just uncomfortable but harmful for your health. Mostly, there’s no single perfect food to eat before drinking; rather, there’s a combination of food we think are great.

These include lean protein, low-fat diet, and a few veggies. These diets do a perfect job of slowing down the rate of absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream and aids in detoxification. Regardless of the amount of alcohol you intend to take, the only way to avoid a few hangovers and rumbling stomach that might get you to throw up is always to eat something, and not just anything but something healthy.

Below you will find a long list of what to eat before drinking alcohol, and this will go a long way to minimize hangover and reduce any form of discomfort.


Eggs aren’t just nutritious; they’re rich in protein, and stacking your stomach up with them before taking alcohol inhibits alcohol absorption to the bloodstream. What most people don’t realize is that a single egg packs over 7 grams of protein.

Besides, eggs can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, giving you a lot of options to choose from. You can prepare as scrambled, hard-boiled,, fried or mixed with vegetables.


Oats double up as a source of fiber as well as protein. Both nutrients hasten the feeling of fullness and limit the after-effect of alcohol. If a single egg supplies 7 grams of protein, just a cup of oat will almost double it up.

Along with that, you will get essential nutrients like iron, Vitamin B6, as well as calcium from oat consumption. What’s even more impressive is its impact on liver health, something most people that consume alcohol tend to suffer from.

How does it do that, you might ask?

Well, oats preserves liver health by protecting this vital organ from alcohol-induced damages and also improves liver function. Also, oats can be incorporated into a lot of meals if you’re bored from just eating whole. It blends well with smoothies, baked foods, and granola bars. Recently, they were combined into veggie pastries and bread.


Banana is a heavy favorite among people. You can feed your stomach with four plucks of banana before taking alcohol. Like most fruits, it inhibits alcohol absorption, and they’re also high in potassium, an element that balances electrolyte.

The incredible thing about banana is that they contain over 69% of water and can also prevent dehydration. Banana seamlessly fits into most smoothies and easily blends into yogurt, and fruit salads.


May be am not a fan of high-fat foods, but this doesn’t change the fact that eating them before drinking alcohol works. According to studies, high-fat foods such as salmon coats The lining of the stomach, a move that somehow inhibits alcohol consumption.

But there are still a few objections to this. Since it’s greasy, it easily mixes with alcohol, which automatically slows down how alcohol is consumed. If you aim to reduce the after-effect of alcohol, salmon, and other greasy foods will work for you; however, if you prefer to keep it clean, I recommend you try out different healthy options.

Greek Yoghurt

I am a big fan of Yoghurt, and Greek Yoghurt offers a perfect balance between protein, carbs, and fats. Sweetened yogurts are hugely favored because they’re tastier, but the unsweetened version should be your go-to option if you’re serious about your health.

Drinking Greek Yoghurt creates a three-in-one effect. On the one hand, you have protein which minimizes the influence of alcohol; on the other hand, you have carbs which keep you full, and lastly, you have fat which coats The stomach, thereby reducing the amount of alcohol absorbed by the bloodstream.

Give your unsweetened yoghurt a pleasant taste by using one of fruits or nuts as a topping.


This fruit is exceptionally greasy but in a right way. It’s a constituent of most smoothies and acts as a detoxifier. The good thing about avocado is that it contains a decent amount of unsaturated fat, and since it’s high in fat, it takes time to digest. This automatically slows down Th absorption of alcohol.

Also, avocado contains helpful nutrients such as potassium, which balances electrolytes, and best of all, its easy to fill into a lot of dishes.


Making the right call when it comes to food to eat before drinking alcohol is very important. Some foods can trigger indigestion, which causes bloating and possible signs of vomiting. On the other hand, other foods can increase craving and may only stimulate negative effect that lasts till Tue next morning.

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