Bridal makeup essentials

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Hello to all the gorgeous brides-to-be. On your special day, looking fabulous is a must. This is the time you should strive to look your best. You’ll be under the camera lens throughout the ceremony. Don’t allow those flaws and blemishes to ruin your looks while you have a chance to get a perfect look.

As much as we are supposed to look good every day, your wedding day is a little more special. Thus, you must go the extra mile to look amazing. Of course, choosing the gown will take most of your time. But after you are done with it, there is also something very crucial you shouldn’t forget; your makeup kit.

While most people concentrate so much on the wedding gown, it is important to know that no matter how flamboyant your gown looks, if you don’t have the right accessories and makeup, you may just have sabotaged your entire appearance.

The type of makeup you apply on your wedding day is very important. It will determine how you feel about your special day, the mood you set, and how you’ll remember the day years after. And oh, don’t forget your man in all these. He needs to detect something unique and special in your makeup specifically for that day. After all, it’s your big day, girl. Make him stare at your beauty!

So, how do you make this possible without overdoing your makeup?

Here are some of the most essential bridal makeup products every bride must purpose to invest in during her special day.

Whether you’ve contracted one of the most-sort after makeup artists, still, ensure you gather all these bridal makeup essentials at least five days before the wedding day. They will help you retain that fabulous look throughout your D-Day.


Without foundation, your makeup list is incomplete. That’s because the foundation is the base of your entire look. Foundation majorly helps to hide any blemishes and marks your skin may be having. For best results, ensure you choose a foundation that blends well with your tone and skin type. In other words, the foundation you choose should mimic the colour of your skin. That’s the only way your makeup will look natural and at its best. If you miss this vital step, your makeup will look overdone or just weird in a way. For brides with acne, a full coverage foundation is the best option.

Setting powder

This is another essential beauty product when it comes to bridal makeup kits. The main role of setting powder is to keep everything matte and control shine as well as keep everything in place for a longer time. Moreover, setting powder comes in handy when you want to keep the foundation and concealer you’ve applied in place. While there are so many types of compact powders in the market, the best option would be to choose a translucent version as it goes well with any skin tone. If you are planning to have your wedding in an outdoor setup, your setting powder should also contain ingredients that help protect your skin from sun damage. For brides with oily skin, setting powder that absorbs oil and makes the skin stay poreless for longer is the best.


Brides love concealers for all the good reasons. Just as the name suggests, concealers help to conceal any blemishes, pimples, zits, and pigmentation in a very natural way. Apart from hiding those unwanted spots, the concealer will help brighten the area giving you a fresher look than ever.

A good concealer should be able to hide those dark circles and fine lines like they’ve never been there in the first place. It should match your skin texture and undertone. With a good concealer, all the beauty needs of a bride are achievable.

Lip care products

Your lips must look juicy the entire day even in the midst of talking and hugging different people to eating the delicacies prepared for the big day celebrations. The lipstick is the most obvious one. When buying yours, try to pick a color that matches your wedding outfit.

The other one is lip gloss. Every time you need a touch-up, you can use your lip gloss to get back your succulent lips instantly. If you don’t like wearing gloss, then don’t force yourself just because it’s your big day, instead, get yourself a sweet fruity lip balm. Although lip balms are great and will protect your lips from drying out, make sure you go for the one with a stick. A container is good but not for your wedding day. It isn’t appealing to have your fingers sticky on your big day.


A perfect bride must be both; looking good and smelling good too. And while you will perfume yourself early in the morning when preparing yourself for the special day, don’t assume you’ll smell fresh like blooming flowers all day long. That can’t be possible with all that dancing and jubilation. If you don’t want to get embarrassed, make sure you have your favorite perfume in your kit. You need to smell good on your wedding day.

Advantages of investing in a good bridal makeup kit

Having a bridal makeup kit is paramount because when you are the bride, you must be in picture-perfect looks at all times. Hence, you can’t afford to stay with ruined makeup for whatever reason even for a second.

Even after having a professional makeup artist do your makeup, in all honesty, emergencies do occur. Brides cry during the vows. Wait a minute, you said you can’t cry? You may have sworn never to cry during your wedding ceremony but you never know how you’ll really feel saying those vows next to the love of your life with friends and family members surrounding you. That’s why it’s important to have your kit ready to clear any messes as soon as they happen.

Furthermore, your makeup artist won’t be with you all day long. Most of these makeup artists leave after doing the typical morning bridal makeup. Thus, you need your makeup essentials to help you maintain the looks throughout the day regardless of meltdowns, smudged, smeared makeup, etc.

The gorgeous bride

This is one of the most special days in your life. You probably won’t celebrate a day like this again for the rest of your life. Hence, give it all the attention it deserves. Going the extra mile and digging deeper into your pockets shouldn’t necessarily make you feel like a squanderer. You are doing all that to look and feel good about yourself on your wedding day. Otherwise, who wouldn’t want to be the most stunning bride in her time? Besides, other than you and your groom, there will be other people awaiting to see you. You must be confident with your looks.

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