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8 beauty trends to try this spring

Winter is finally coming to an end and we couldn’t be happier, this past season can leave us feeling depleted for many reasons and spring is a fantastic time to try something new and reinvent your look. Spring 2020 brings us so many exciting new beauty trends, we may be in the ’20s but by […] Read more »
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5 upcoming beauty trends to know about

With a new year (and the beginning of a new decade), you can be assured that there are plenty of new beauty and style trends for you to try. It is an exciting time of year when you feel inspired to switch up some of your routine looks. However, if you aren’t sure where to […] Read more »
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Glow and enjoy the feel of hair-free clear skin

Why keep a track on the monthly cycle of going to the parlour to endure all the pain and taxes of waxing? Get rid of this exhaustive and time-consuming method and go for the long term laser hair removal solution to enjoy the feel of hair-free skin. Does your body hair dictate the costume that […] Read more »
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How to choose the best conditioner for dry hair

For people with dry hair it is of utmost importance to choose most suitable conditioner for their hair. Everyone has experienced, at one time or another in life, dry brittle hair. That is why finding the best conditioner for dry hair syndrome is critical to having healthy looking and feeling hair each and every day. […] Read more »
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Everything you need to know about the man bun

To know how to make a man bun, you need to understand exactly what a man bun is. To know what it is is not as easy as you may perceive. In fact, this is one versatile hairstyle that incorporates different elements. However, to say what it includes is not hard because it is basically […] Read more »