college students in classroom

10 perfect outfit ideas for the first day of college

Many who are embarking on the next chapter of life which involves a high volume of late-night study sessions often want to start off their college years on the most stylish foot. The question of what to wear on the first day of college is often how we begin our impression making. We’ve all gone […] Read more »
blue work outfit

How to dress perfectly for work

Your wardrobe in the workplace environment should always depict professionalism. This is because your coworkers, bosses and customers often gauge your competence based on how you dress. One look at how you have dressed should be enough to make them feel comfortable interacting and working closely with you. Remember that your outfit shouldn’t be provocative […] Read more »
fast fashion

What is fast fashion?

Fast fashion is a term that a lot of people don’t understand, which is why we will take a detailed look at it today. The term is not a new one in the fashion industry, and it has become more popular in recent times. These days, a large part of many women’s wardrobe is the […] Read more »
girl urban fashion style

How to find your fashion style

Finding your fashion style is like creating a personal brand, it is something that will demand a lot of creativity from your end because it is what you will be known for, like your signature look. A lot of celebrities have fashion styles with unique apparel fabric that are closely associated with their names, even […] Read more »
custom patches for clothes

Why you should get custom patches made for your clothes

The average person spends roughly $150.00 per month on clothing. You’d think that with all of that spending, we’d see more eye-catching outfits on the street. The truth is though… our team rarely does. The majority of outfits out there seem like close iterations of things that we’ve seen before and current fashion trends are […] Read more »