silver coins necklace

How to buy silver jewelry: a guide for beginners

Due to its affordability, variety of styles and designs, and durability, silver jewelry remains very popular. From rings to necklaces to earrings, many types of jewelry look great crafted in silver. Along with gold, palladium, and platinum, silver is a rare and precious metal. That means when making a purchase, you need to make sure […] Read more »
beautiful woman jewelry

Jewellery that lets your personality shine through

These days, it’s all about looking the look and walking the walk, dressing for the job you want and conforming to the smart/formal look. However, dressing smart in a formal suit or women’s business wear can quickly get boring, looking at the same three colours every morning in the mirror (traditionally, black, grey and navy). […] Read more »
man jacket

Sport coat vs. Blazer vs. Suit jacket – when to wear what?

Some dress codes require a blazer, other need a suit jacket and sometimes a sports coat is called for but what exactly is the difference between these three and when is it appropriate to wear each of them, after all wearing the wrong one could end up being quite embarrassing. But with our quick guide […] Read more »
college students in classroom

10 perfect outfit ideas for the first day of college

Many who are embarking on the next chapter of life which involves a high volume of late-night study sessions often want to start off their college years on the most stylish foot. The question of what to wear on the first day of college is often how we begin our impression making. We’ve all gone […] Read more »
blue work outfit

How to dress perfectly for work

Your wardrobe in the workplace environment should always depict professionalism. This is because your coworkers, bosses and customers often gauge your competence based on how you dress. One look at how you have dressed should be enough to make them feel comfortable interacting and working closely with you. Remember that your outfit shouldn’t be provocative […] Read more »