red meat slice

Is eating meat healthy for your diet?

The first decisive step that a person takes with growing waistline is striking hard on meat and it’s not your fault. For decades, the mainstream media and doctors have proposed that excessive consumption of meat leads to heart diseases and increased waistline. For the most part, it may be right. However, it is not the […] Read more »
person playing games online

Is online gaming an addiction?

You all have must heard a lot about online gaming, its different types and genres and how you can earn money through it. But have you ever heard about online gaming as an addiction? Do you think that playing games on the Internet can be an addiction? Well, to find out more you will have […] Read more »
kids playing outdoor

Mental benefits of outdoor activities for children

Most parents realize that it’s healthy for their children to play outdoors, but often, parents only consider the physical health benefits. It’s true that outdoor play burns calories (and energy), helping ensure your child stays fit and maintains a healthy weight. But the benefits of outdoor play go far beyond the physical. Did you know […] Read more »
omega 3 pills

The relationship between Omega 3 fatty acids and diabetes

Omega 3 fatty acids are a type of unsaturated fats believed to have a lot of mineral benefits. Omega 3 fatty acids get their name from the structure of their molecules in which the first of the several double bonds occurs three carbon atoms away from end of carbon chain. There are three types of […] Read more »
sad little girl

Does your child need a psychologist?

In the age of fast food, fast cars and fast lives it is not uncommon to suffer from high stress levels. Even more so, it is not uncommon to hear about your friends and family consulting with a psychologist at some point. Though, it is not only adults who need the help of a well-qualified […] Read more »