color palette for home decor

Create the ambiance: 7 summer color schemes for bedroom to relax & study

The color scheme is a selection of different hues used in the design. Choosing the right summer color schemes is based on color theory that deals with the combination of various tones. The basis is the creation of an aesthetic feeling of endorsing some emotions. Color schemes are used in marketing, interior design, and fashion. […] Read more »
water tap open

12 plumbing Dos and Don’ts

No one wants to invite plumbing problems on purpose. Nevertheless, they end up seeking the emergency plumbing services, one day or the other. Now, the responsibility essentially lies with the residents to avoid such emergencies. Paying heed to the suggestions coming straight from the plumbers’ mouth can help them deter the emergencies to a large […] Read more »
garden alley flowers

The benefits of flowers, shrubs and trees in and around your property

You may be wondering whether to introduce a new array of flowers, shrubs and trees into your garden. In this short article, you’ll find out some of the benefits of including plants inside and around your property. The benefits of planting flowers in your garden Incorporating fresh flowers into the design of the interior of […] Read more »
growing plants indoor

Growing an organic indoor garden in fall and winter

The fall season is here, and it’s time to clear out our outdoor gardens as we prepare for the cold season. If gardening is your passion, you probably feel sad that you have to wait until spring to grow things again. Well, worry not, you can still enjoy your gardening passion indoors. Why you should […] Read more »
old kitchen

What is a Hoosier cabinet?

Hoosier cabinets were manufactured in the early 19th century and one of the major manufacturers was known as Hoosier manufacturing company. That is the same period when Americana built most of the houses in the history. Since most of the homes didn’t have inbuilt kitchen cabinets, the Hoosier cabinet became more popular. It was a […] Read more »