Her favorite pickup lines – Arousr model Camila Fersh commenting

Pickup lines are a classic way to spark a conversation with someone you’re interested in. But oftentimes, these lines can be cheesy and fall flat. That’s why we reached out to Arousr model Camila Fersh to share her favorite and most effective pickup lines. Camila is a dating expert and has been using these lines […] Read more »
Woman praying for the world

4 worst things you can do to the environment

It’s becoming increasingly clear that our environment is more fragile than ever. Humans need to take action in a big way By failing to recognize the most harmful things to our environment, we’re exacerbating the negative impacts that we have on the planet. From climate change to pollution to reduced biodiversity, the actions of humans […] Read more »
pregnant woman sitting on grass

Vacation ideas for a babymoon

Looking forward to planning one more trip before welcoming your little one into this world? That’s very thoughtful of you. After the baby arrives, many things will change in your life in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Thus, before you finally get to meet eye-to-eye with your little cutie, it would be incredible to take […] Read more »
happy mother and daughter offering gift

The importance of establishing a strong mother-daughter bond

Maintaining a good relationship with your daughter is good for you both. A strong mother-daughter bond is a unique relationship that is rare to find within other family members. It’s a special relationship where the participants handle disagreements better than any other relationship. However, rebellion may prevail itself at some point especially during teenage life. […] Read more »
man enjoying a cheese platter and tasting different wines

Food and wine pairings to try at the winery

If you are a foodie and you love to drink, you will be happy to learn that you can pair your favorite foods with many different wines. This is a great way to have a truly memorable experience when you visit a winery. However, there are several important things to remember when pairing foods with […] Read more »