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7 tips to get the best legal representation when filing a personal injury claim

Dealing with an injury is never easy and it can be particularly difficult when you feel that you are owed reparations from another party. Unfortunately, real life isn’t as easy as we would like it to be. In order to get what you deserve, sometimes you need to call on the help of a professional. […] Read more »
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How to deal with a difficult co-worker

Everyone comes across one of these at some point in their work experience. And that would be, a difficult co-worker. There are just some people that come into our life that we just don’t gel with. Today I am sharing with your some tips on how to deal with them. Keep It Professional Focus on […] Read more »
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Staying on track with your dreams

Happy Friday Friends!! Hope you had a great start to 2017! How are those new year resolutions going? Are you struggling a bit? Well I have a solution for you! I don’t know about you but a good planner makes all the difference. A good planner makes me feel organized, simplified, motivated, and like a […] Read more »
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4 things you need to know about holiday host etiquette

Today’s post is all about those who host holiday parties, dinners, and get-togethers. Hosting an event can be stressful and cause the host to question how to properly entertain guests. Every host needs to make sure that they are following the proper holiday host etiquette to ensure that their guests are having a great time […] Read more »
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Protecting yourself from toxic people

Do you have unrelenting people in your life? Do they influence you in detrimental ways? Do they leave you feeling manipulated or drained after every encounter? If so, you’re probably perplexed as to why this is? Despite your positive attitude and zest for life, you find yourself unexpectedly attracted by negativity. It might not be […] Read more »