A few things about childhood happiness

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Was your childhood full of happy memories? This may seem like a simple question, but it can be one of the most difficult questions to give a concrete answer. There are different events, activities, and things you encountered during your childhood that have a great impact when it comes to answering such a question. There are some memories that are happy while others are sad, upsetting, or frightening.

Every parent struggles to ensure they are raising their children the right way. Some invest heavily on tools and products to help them along the way. Surprisingly, the most important thing you can do to your child is to make them happy. They are raising happy kids to give you the best fulfillment as a parent.

However, as a parent who is doing all you can to ensure your children are happy, you do not have to take it too hard on yourself. Kids are not happy all the time. There are times to through tantrums, exaggerate their requests and even overreact when the things they want is denied to them at that particular time even if it is for their good. In fact, there are certain decisions parents have to make that the children might not be happy about, but they are essential to raising those children into successful and responsible adults.

The impression you have on your childhood happiness are memories of the things you experienced when growing up. However, childhood memories might not be 100 percent accurate. Most of them are incomplete and highly influenced by the retelling, viewing photographs, and input from others. From the adult perspective, your understanding of your childhood events can be quite different. The impressions you have on your childhood memories are not necessarily the true reflections of the quality of that particular period. In other words, you may remember your childhood as worse as or better than it was.

Amazing secrets to a happy childhood

Do you want your child to experience the memories of a happy childhood when they become adults? Well, this is the desire of every parent or guardian. Although most scientists believe that the genes a child inherits at birth have a major impact on their happiness potential, there is plenty you can do to make sure your children enjoy the most both in their childhood and adult life. Below are awesome secrets that can help you raise happy children and retain those happy moments until their old age.

1. Love your child

A parents’ love cannot be equated with anything else in the world. It is unique in its way. Furthermore, loving your child is the number secret to raising a happy child. Make sure you celebrate your children for who they are. This will make them feel important. The best foundation you can have in your children is to make sure that their talents, interests, individual characteristics, opinions are valued and encouraged. This results in ingrowth happiness to these children into their adult life.

2. Find moments of connection

You need to be connected with your children if you want them to have happy childhood memories when they become adults. If your work takes most of your time, you can try to negotiate for a more family-friendly work schedule so that you can have enough time to be with your children. Be sure to cultivate on family activities that you and your children enjoy, such as hiking, swimming, taking nature walks, biking, and any other enjoyable family activities. This is a nice way to bond with your children.

3. Set fair rules

Rules are set to be followed. When you are setting these rules, make sure they are realistic and easy to follow. Next, stick to them because if you don’t, they will not learn to respect authority, and this may make them fall in trouble every now and them. You have to follow the rules you make. Leading by example goes along the way, especially to growing children. Do not feel guilty that you are setting rules; the truth of the matter is that children thrive well when there are firm boundaries set on the way they are supposed to behave.

4. Be there for your child

Show your children that you are capable, and no problem is beyond you. Make them feel that together you conquer the world. Further, try to bring out the bright side even from the toughest situations. Teach them to be optimistic. This will be very helpful to them since optimism can help an upbeat child to become a happy adult.

The bottom line

It is the desire of every parent to ensure their children are happy. It is not possible either to ensure that your children only experience successful and happy moments. Do not feel like the worst parent or guardian if you once failed to make it to your child’s important function or availing everything your child wanted. The most crucial thing to a child is the feeling of being loved by parents that contribute a lot to their childhood memories. As an adult now, most probably you do not feel like the number of toys, sports trophies, or even the top grades you received when you were a child as important as you thought back then. What is important now as an adult is the moments you shared with your loved ones, whether sad or happy.

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