Claim the space: How to use an environmental theatrical space

actors performing in a tunnel

Any place could be used as a performance space where poets, musicians, dancers and other creative types congregate and express their work.

Usually, an open mic is in a coffee shop or bar where creatives perform their work in an indoor setting. But environmental performance venues change that and make a statement you could put on a show anywhere.

It could be in an alleyway, parking lot, bus stop or anywhere where performers can claim the space.

Who defines a performance space: The Artist

The first decision performers have to make is to decide to redefine a performance space. What if we defied convention and created performances in environmental locations where people could gather and share their art.

Of course in these locations art is not usually what they are there for.

In this article, I will discuss two examples. Tunnel Performances and Light Rail are two locations that have a variety of challenges but also provide an exciting unpredictable environment.

Everything about a performance space in the outside environment should be used or perhaps not used based on the performers discretion.

It is the awareness that is important and the possibility to make choices and recognize how everything can be part of the performance. This is important to recognize because there are things that will happen beyond your control.

This is part of the excitement in an unpredictable environment can make us feel really alive.

So what are some of the differences when the 4th wall has been broken? This means there is no separation between the performers and the audience.

In this case, the audience are the pedestrians that are able to walk by on the same side or the opposite side and even straight through the performance.

They may engage in the activity or not. Pedestrians can be used as participants and performers can acknowledge them and include them or decide to carry on as if they are not there.

Tunnel Challenges That You may Face

Bikes going past and traffic noise are prevalent and drivers in cars honking their horns with the roar of engines as well seem constant.

Noise is all around. Performers decide do you use the noise in the performance or ignore it? So many choices the performer decide!

The dark and the light of a tunnel can be used and if there are stairs walking up or down into the light or away from it performers can make many choices…
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