Create the ambiance: 7 summer color schemes for bedroom to relax & study

color palette for home decor

The color scheme is a selection of different hues used in the design. Choosing the right summer color schemes is based on color theory that deals with the combination of various tones.

The basis is the creation of an aesthetic feeling of endorsing some emotions. Color schemes are used in marketing, interior design, and fashion. There are several types of them, such as:

  • Monochromatic. They combine several shades of one hue, like red or blue.
  • Complementary. The based on Newton’s color wheel, these are the ones that oppose each other directly.
  • Achromatic. Usually, they use neutral pigments like white, black, and all shades of grey.
  • Analogous. Use the colors that are placed near each other on Newton’s wheel.

The use of such schemes helps to create a pleasant design and combine shades correctly. The more hues are used in one interior, the harder it is to combine them.

Some people prefer to use online palette generators, others base their choice on internal feelings. Summer-inspired designs are pretty light and deal with neutral and pale colors.

They are great for bedrooms as they relieve stress and help to relax. The studies show that some colors help people to feel at peace.

And it is a great thing for a bedroom. If you want to create more resting and inspiring space in your bedroom, look at these seven great summer ideas.

Dark Blue and Grey Option with Yellow Accent

This is a moderately dark design with the use of several shades. It is more on a traditional side with blue and grey. The blue pigment is known for its relaxing abilities.

It also reminiscents the sea and beach vibes. To prevent the scheme from becoming dark it is great to use an accent shade. Bright yellow is amazing for that.

It is vibrant, summery and creates a fresh feeling. It is an imaginative project it demands attention and knowledge to develop, onside asking an essay service for exact color palette suggestions.

It can be used in several accessories, like bed sheets, lamps or seasonal flowers. Accent colors can be very creative.

The rule is the brighter it is, the more neutral the other shades should be. You can endorse it with accent pillows or some decorations.

Another great idea is to put some art on the wall – for instance, a picture or painting of a beach. It will make the space peaceful and remind you of an amazing vacation.

Settle Summer Greenery

This is almost a monochromatic scheme with some grey undertones. Green is an amazing comforting color. It is especially good for people living in big cities.

Sometimes there is not enough of greenery and nature around them. The green-painted bedroom can be a great option to solve this.

You can light it up with some white decorations of sheets. Another fascinating option is to add some organic and natural decorations of living plants…
Continue reading the article and learn more about color schemes on Daisy Linden’s blog.

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