How to dress perfectly for work

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Your wardrobe in the workplace environment should always depict professionalism. This is because your coworkers, bosses and customers often gauge your competence based on how you dress.

One look at how you have dressed should be enough to make them feel comfortable interacting and working closely with you.

Remember that your outfit shouldn’t be provocative and distracting in any way. A good example is an office jumpsuit. So how can you achieve that professional look at your workplace?

Outlined below are some useful tips for dressing perfectly for work.

1. Your Clothes

All your work clothes should fit perfectly and never be revealing. Avoid distracting clothes that are too tight, too loose, see-through or inappropriately cut such as with high slits, low top blouse and so on.

Always dress to impress and not to be the eye candy. Remember that you are always sending a message with your look and the message should always be positive and about your capability as a professional.

2. The Perfect Skirt

Your skirt should be the right length and fit. It should extend to your knees and fully cover your thighs when you sit down. Longer skirts that are below the knees can also be perfect if they are not billowing or too narrow that they make your movement uncomfortable.

As for the slits on the skirt, they should never increase the view of your legs. When it comes to the color of your skirt, choose darker colors because they are usually the safest and very professional-looking for the office environment.

3. The Right Dress

You can wear a dress to work especially during warmer weather, but it should always be the right length and fit. Just like the skirt, your dress should extend to the knee.

Wearing long and flowing dresses is not appropriate because you might look as if you are attending a dinner. You can try to wear a formal jumpsuit.

Your dress should never be backless, never have spaghetti straps and absolutely no plunging necklines. On the other hand, your dress can be short-sleeved, long-sleeved or sleeveless.

As for the colors, neutral and solid colors such as black, grey, navy and brown should be your best bet. You can wear a slip under your dress for warmer and prevention of…
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