Evergreen fashion trends

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Even though fashion seems to change in just a flash and something people are going gaga over today can be completely out of scene tomorrow, there are still some things that never go out of fashion.

We all have experienced the moment when we open our wardrobe and take a look at our old clothes, the first thing that comes to our mind is, “what was I thinking”.

However, there are some things which if you buy today, will still look relevant after 5 years.

One such fashion trend is the animal print. While you may feel a bit hesitant to go wild, just know that animal print is something that still is considered as classic.

Of course, the unnatural and exaggerated animal print is not something you should be going for but it should be more natural patterning that you should target.

You can consider going for zebra, cheetah, leopard and giraffe. There is something seductive about these prints which never let them go out of style.

Another must have in your wardrobe should be a wrap dress. Wrap dress have taken countless shapes and variation since it was first introduced in the 70’s.

It is still relevant and something worth your investment. The epitome of form and function, trench coat is something which does not keep you covered but does that in absolute style!

The trick to get a good trench is to go for something modern that fits well to your body shape. Even though the classic options are to go for black, grey, navy or camel ones, another option to consider is ones with graphic prints or woven cords.

Finally, there is something about black leather jackets that never gets old. The key is to not go overboard on the jackets whistles, instead go for the one with a few zippers.

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