Fall decorating tips to freshen up the home

autumn fireplace

Fall is in full swing now, so it’s time to bring out the pumpkins, boots and hot cocoa. Decorating for the autumn months is the perfect chance to transform your home into a cozy getaway so that you can come home from a long day of pumpkin picking and hay rides and curl up under a blanket by the fire. These are some of the best ideas to fill your home with autumn charm this season!

Enhance the Entryway

The front door is the best place to start your decorating because it’s the first thing you (and your guests!) will see. Simply adding a fall-themed wreath on the front door will look great even from the street. If you’re feeling creative, you can make your own wreath using twine, leaves, burlap and mini pumpkins! The possibilities are endless if you decide to make your own! To give your doorway even more charm, add pumpkins, gourds, mums and wicker chairs to your front porch and steps to create the ultimate fall entrance. Welcome fall!

Incorporate Flowers and Candles

To make a room feel like fall, all you really need to do is add a few touches. If you’re short on time, simply add a cozy candle on a side table or a jar of dried flowers on a bookshelf. These small touches will give a hint of autumn into any room! Try using crabapple branches in a glass jar for a simple addition or arrange a few sunflowers in a vase or teapot. These will draw the eye and bring life to the room.

Add Rugs

Transform any hardwood floor by adding a rug! For extra pop, choose an antique rug that will go great with your current décor. Adding a rug with bold patterns and earthy hues is one way to dress up your home for fall! In the cool fall months, your feet will get cold if you walk on hardwood, plus in this season a lot of dirt and leaves get tracked into the house. A rug will make your feet happy and keep your floors looking clean.

Warm Up

As the days and nights get cooler, keep your home cozy by incorporating warm hues and textures. Switch out your throw pillows for ones that are maroon, brown or orange. Use picture frames, decorations and furniture in these warm tones as well to make your home feel like a cozy getaway. Also, keep baskets full of warm blankets around the house for quick and easy access when it gets chilly. The best part of autumn is curling up by the fire with a warm blanket, so keep those blankets close by!

Head Outside

Just because it’s a little chilly doesn’t mean you can’t step outside. Turn your outdoor living space into an oasis even during the fall by adding an electric fireplace, candles and plenty of blankets. If you have a screened in porch, you have the perfect spot to watch falling leaves! Keep the family’s puffa jackets and boots in one area near the door so everyone can grab them easily and head outside together. This is not only functional, but also looks nice when they are placed in one area, using wooden hooks or a small table.

Play with Chalk

Chalkboards are becoming a big trend in the interior design world. Add a chalkboard to your kitchen to display your Thanksgiving Day menu, or put one in the entryway with a “Welcome Fall” design. You can use chalkboard anywhere in your home, plus you can change the design as much as you want so that it never gets boring! If you have children, you can even let them draw the board as a fun activity and to get them involved in the decorating.

Fire Up the Mantel

Since you’ll probably be using your fireplace more often, give some love to the mantel that you’ll be looking at more! Add some leaves, berries or pumpkin garland to accent picture frames, vases of flowers or baskets. A beautiful mantel display will look great for the entire season and spice up the entire home! Once the fire is roaring, it will be the perfect autumn display.

Try out some of these ideas this season to make your house feel fresh and homey! Decorating with these tips will definitely put you in the fall spirit and get you ready for months of chilly weather, crunchy leaves and warm nights by the fire with your family and friends.

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