11 easy father’s day gift ideas for 2021

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The current coronavirus pandemic has made it difficult for families to gather together and celebrate the holidays. Moreover, the situation may continue well until 2021.

Fortunately, you can still show your loved ones that you cherish and appreciate them, especially your dad. It’s never too early to plan a surprise for your old man and give them something that they can use every day.

These are some gift ideas that you might want to consider:

1. Father’s Day Cards

Cards will never go out of style. On Fathers Day, you can give your dad a note that shows how much you appreciate him. There are a ton of Father’s Day cards out there with an extensive variety of choices, which makes it easier to find the card that allows you to impart your heartfelt message to your pop.

You can choose sentimental, neutral, or even funny ones! Make sure that the card you’re giving speaks about the celebration and your appreciation for your father.

To make things more personal, you can insert a letter you wrote along with your card. Adding a message will surely melt your dad’s heart, and you won’t have to break the bank for it.

2. Neck and Back Massager

As your father has been working hard every day for your family, he deserves to have a little treat, doesn’t he? A neck and back massager are great gift ideas if your dad loves massages or is always meaning to get one but doesn’t have the time. If you’ve ever noticed how your old man usually complains about pain or discomfort at the back of his neck and lower back, this type of gift will be a godsend.

3. Video Doorbell

If your father is someone who highly values the safety of your home, a video doorbell would be the perfect gift idea. This gadget serves as both a doorbell and a video camera for tighter security.

The video doorbell is connected to the home network through Wi-Fi and captures real-time video that you can access on your phone. Plus, you can have a clear view of the intruder if they’re within the same eye height.

4. Classic Watch

Giving a watch never runs out of style. If your dad has an old wristwatch, it may be high time to replace that with a more modern version. He’s likely to highly appreciate receiving a wristwatch on Father’s Day. Not only have you helped your father boost his style, but you also help him remember you every time he looks at the time.

To make it personal, you can ask the watch store if they could provide engraving at the back of the watch. With this, you can include a short message for your father.

5. TV Stick

If your father loves to binge-watch movies and TV series, a TV stick would be the perfect gift idea for him. Usually, this device offers a wide range of streaming apps that’ll give your father the entertainment he deserves for thousands of hours.

6. Bluetooth Earphones

Whether your father is a music lover, a sports enthusiast, or just needs one for his meetings, Bluetooth earphones can also be the perfect gift. Your dad may love to take his daily run, but gets annoyed with his earphone cables, or audio gear that’s already worse for wear. In that case, you should give your father some Bluetooth earphones, which includes a mic when he needs to make or answer phone calls.

7. Coffee Maker

If your dad loves having their cup of joe every morning, a coffee maker would be a great idea to give for Father’s Day. You can choose to provide a drip, single-serve capsule, French press, cold brew, or espresso machine.

Ask your father what he would like or bring him to a coffee shop and ask his opinions about how he’d like to create his coffee, just to be sure you’re purchasing the right one as they don’t come in cheap!

8. Insulated Tumbler

If you already have a coffee maker and your dad’s main problem with coffee is how he can keep it warm for extended hours when he brings a cup to work, an insulated tumbler would be an excellent solution.

Make sure that you look for a high-quality tumbler that can maintain the temperature for several hours. Some can only handle either hot or cold, but your best bet would be to look for an insulated tumbler that can handle both.

9. Barbeque Grill

If your father loves to barbeque every Sunday, you might want to upgrade their old grill. It’ll surely put a smile on his face every time he uses it, and he’ll appreciate how it helps to cook perfectly and how great-looking it is!

With a new barbeque grill, he can now host a backyard BBQ summer bash to make his Father’s Day more enjoyable as he celebrates it with family.

10. Shirt

For the easiest gift option, you can always give your father a shirt. You probably already know your father’s style choice, so you should be able to look up designs that you think will match his taste. If you’re unsure of his measurements, ask your mom about them or take a look at the size of his shirt in the laundry basket.

11. Grooming Kit

If your dad has a full-beard or is planning to grow one out, you can give him a grooming kit to ensure that his stubble is well cared for. This set usually includes a beard trimmer, facial trimmer, and nose trimmer. For a more straightforward option, you can always go for a manual or electric shaver.


Father’s Day is the day to show your appreciation and love for your father. Giving him gifts is a sign of your gratitude and how you value what he does for the family.

While giving gifts are great, it’s always nice to make him feel appreciated and loved through kind gestures and working hard to make the day memorable for him. It’s still a great idea to tell your dad how much you love him through a letter or in person. It’ll surely warm his heart on such a special day!

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