Fracking: 4 things you should know

natural gas fracking pad

Fracking is a process that forces open fissures in the earth to extract oil or gas. Though it is a complicated process in many ways, it’s very commonly used and is necessary in a lot of cases. Unfortunately, fracking can also be problematic. So if you’ve just begun a job where you may need to know about fracking or you’re just simply interested in learning more, read on. Here are 4 things you should know about fracking.

It Can Get Messy

Fracking is an important and lucrative process, but it’s not easy. It can also get messy at times, with frack sand and ceramic as well as other materials. Frackers always make sure to clean up a site once it’s complete though, so don’t let this bother you! If you think a fracking site looks like an eyesore just be patient. Once the job is completed, the land will be looking better than ever before.

It Can Be Very Noisy

If you’ve recently moved to an area close to a fracking site, you may be curious how this might affect your daily life. The truth is that fracking can generate a lot of noise, so depending on what times of day it’s going on, this could begin to become disruptive. If this is the case, know that you’ll get used to the noise after a while and remember that fracking will not continue in your area forever! In most situations, they will simply extract what they’re able to and then move on to a different location.

It Releases Toxic Air Pollutants

If you’re required to work within a fracking operation in any capacity, you may be curious if there are any health risks involved. Many studies have been done concerning this, however, it is known that fracking does release toxic pollutants into the air. This is nothing to worry seriously about as many precautions are taken to lessen the pollutants, and you should also follow protective measures to keep yourself safe whenever possible.

Talk to your supervisor about what you can be doing and if there are any special types of clothing, protective eyewear, or masks you should be wearing while onsite. This will help to lessen your fears and prevent any negative effects on your health from arising.

It Can Disrupt Animals

Sadly, fracking can also disrupt animal habitats as well as migratory patterns. The good news is that this adverse effect isn’t permanent, and animals will eventually come back to the land that was being fracked.

Fracking is a part of our world, so the more you know about it the better! Hopefully, this list has helped you to learn as much as possible.

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