Hair loss and receding hairline in women

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Women experience hair loss for various reasons. It is so common in women than most people think. While some reasons could be medical and unavoidable other causes such as diet are manageable. Although it’s not always easy to know the cause, this article sheds more light on the symptoms, causes, preventive measures and remedies to fix it. The information is meant to help women take care of their hair to avoid future hair loss and if they are already facing the problem, what they can do to salvage the situation.

Signs and symptoms of hair loss

Hair loss in women presents itself in different forms depending on the cause. Most women fail to notice the signs of balding and thinning of their hair until late when the loss has already begun. Women usually take longer to notice the loss of their hair than men because they wear their hair longer. This ends up hiding the symptoms of hair loss for a longer time.

The best way to prevent hair loss is to learn to recognize the signs of thinning or balding before it gets out of hands. Some of those most common signs include:

Overall thinning

This comes in the form of gradual thinning over time. In this case, women lose hair on top of the head. Hence, it’s important for every woman to regularly check this area for noticeable chances of thinning hair.

Hair accumulation

If you happen to notice hair accumulation on areas such as combs, pillows or in the shower, its time you check on your hair keenly because you could be suffering from hair loss. Although it’s normal for hair to accumulate on our living spaces, if it’s more pronouncing and progressing, you need to do something.

Visible scalp

You are suffering from hair loss if you have started to notice a more visible scalp. Ensure you take note of the visible scalp whenever your hair is pulled back. If the underlying scalp is becoming increasingly visible, that’s a cause for alarm.

Bald spots

Bald spots usually appear on the scalp and they may resemble coins in size. In most instances, your scalp may feel itchy or even painful before the hair falls out.

Causes of hair loss in women

A women whether young or old should not experience any form of hair loss. However, there are some changes in the body which can lead to this anomaly. Below are possible causes of receding hairline and overall hair loss in women.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

When a woman is expectant, a lot happens in her body and the changes can result in stress. The same case with a breastfeeding mother who will even have to forget about a goodnight sleep among other things. The stress these women undergo through may cause stress to the hair follicles. Stressed hair follicles are likely to fall out faster than normal. Thus, most women tend to lose hair during this period but it normally grows back after some time.

Excessive styling

Excessive styling is a major cause of hair loss especially to young women who are prone to styling their hair too often to look fabulous. There are also too tight hairstyles which end up straining your hairline and this can lead to hair loss around the hairline area. Other things such as too much washing, applying excessive heat too often and brushing of hair can also lead to hair loss. If you do not want to lose your hair, allow it to relax. Once in a while, you can wash it, apply heat and style it to your desired hairstyle but do it in moderation.


Loss of hair in women can also be as a result of poor diet where the women lack enough proteins. When the body fails to receive the required nutrients, it naturally shuts down the production of hair. So, it’s important to eat a balanced diet and ensure your daily diet contains enough protein. Even if you don’t eat animal protein, there are so many vegan options that will ensure you still get the much-needed protein in your body.

Hormone imbalance

Fluctuating hormone levels in a woman’s body can be the main culprit for her hair loss. In fact, fluctuating levels of estrogen will cause the hair to thin and eventually fall out. Although some cases are gradual, some are more sudden and may warrant a doctor’s visit.


Your hair is likely to fall out if you are dealing with physical distress of any kind and nothing is happening to improve the situation. Furthermore, severe stress can lead to other hair loss conditions such as telogen and trichotillomania.

Natural remedies to hair loss

Apart from the various options used to hide the patches caused by hair loss and receding hairline, there are many effective natural remedies you can try to bring back your natural hair thickness. Some of them are discussed below.

Head massage

Gently massaging your head often will stimulate the scalp and improve blood circulation. When blood circulation around the scalp area is improved, that translates to availability of enough nutrients to grow the hair.

Reduce stress levels

Lead a healthy lifestyle by avoiding activities and people that increase your stress levels. Practice doing one thing at a time to avoid feeling overwhelmed if you have not finished all the tasks yet. That way, you will not only enjoy a fuller hairline but your overall health will also be in good shape.

Avoid alcohol

Alcoholic drinks and alcohol hair products are trouble when it comes to your hair. Alcohol can lead to choking of your hair follicles because it tends to dry up your scalp. Instead, make water your favourite drink and both your hair and skin will flourish.


A woman’s hair is a great asset. Therefore, taking care of it should not feel like an uphill task but rather fulfilment. Eat well, drinks lots of water and avoid stress. Allow your hair to be and avoid over-styling it. You definitely look gorgeous when your hair has its normal thickness.

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