Hair transplant myths dispelled

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Even though hair transplants have become a much more mainstream option in recent years, there are still some myths leftover from the early days of this popular hair loss treatment, when the technology was only just beginning to emerge. Perhaps you’ve never seriously considered a hair transplant for yourself because you’ve heard certain things about the cost, recovery, results, or the procedure itself.

These days, there are many good reasons that a hair transplant is a great option for restoring the confidence that hair loss can take away, and it’s likely that any worries about the procedure are based on old myths or outdated misconceptions.

While the best way to allay any specific concerns and ask questions is to book a free consultation with a reputable hair transplant clinic, here are some common myths around the procedure and its results, as well as the truth about modern hair transplants.

Hair Transplants are a good solution for women as well as men

Myth: Hair transplants are only for men

One of the most common reasons people choose a hair transplant is to combat male pattern baldness, and this was the specific problem that the procedure was developed to address. However, hair loss can also be an issue for women, and hair transplants are an effective way for women to regain the fullness of thicker hair and a beautiful hairline. Modern methods also mean that shaving the scalp is no longer necessary, something that might have prevented many women choosing this procedure.

Modern hair transplants are affordable

Myth: Hair transplants are only for film stars and footballers

While it’s true that in the early days of this pioneering surgery, it was an expensive form of cosmetic enhancement, things have changed. These days, people from all walks of life are opting for this popular and highly successful solution to hair loss issues. You might also find that, over time, a hair transplant can be a cost-effective solution. Because the results of a hair transplant are permanent, you may save money by no longer paying for expensive medications, temporary treatments, or hair growth shampoos.

Eyebrow transplants and beard transplants are increasingly popular

Myth: Hair transplants are only for head hair

As the technology for hair transplant procedures has advanced greatly in recent decades, it’s now possible to use the same method to treat facial hair loss, i.e. eyebrows and beards. Whether these enhancements are to replace thinning or lost hair, or just so you can create the on-trend bushy eyebrows or full beard looks, these modern procedures are becoming a popular option for many men and women.

Hair transplants are a minimally-invasive day procedure

Myth: hair transplants are a long and painful surgery

Most hair transplants can be completed within a day. The extent of the surgery depends on the size of the transplant area, as well as a few other factors, such as the design of the hairline. Now that this procedure has been practised for a number of decades, there are many experienced surgeons who are experts at carrying out this surgery much more quickly and painlessly than the first transplants. Although the harvesting and implanting of follicles is meticulous work, these experienced surgeons have naturally got better and faster at the operation as they have become more skilled with years of practice.

Modern hair transplants have little or no visible scarring

Myth: Hair transplant leave a big scar on the back of the head

The original FUT or Strip Method hair transplant procedure did leave some scarring at the back of the head where a strip of scalp was removed to provide the donor follicles. However, this method has advanced so that there is much less visible scarring, even when the hair is cut short. And if you opt for the most recent FUE method, there is no requirement to remove a strip of the scalp at all.

Hopefully, dispelling the old myths and misconceptions around hair transplants will help you to see more clearly whether these simple, fast, affordable, and safe procedures could be the solution to your hair loss issues. And of course, the best way to know exactly what’s possible for you is to visit a good trichologist who will share the very latest information on what’s possible and the results that you can expect to enjoy.

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