How and why did diamonds become so incredibly popular?

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Diamonds are in a class unto themselves in terms of value, beauty and style. Not only have these stones comes to signify love, success and wealth, but they are even used as a form of long-term investment. This is why it is rather interesting to note that diamonds are actually made of the same materials found within a typical graphite pencil. Why have these transparent carbon masterpieces taken on a life of their own and what factors have enabled them to become the most prized stones on the planet?


To be clear, not every diamond is considered to represent a gem-quality stone. This is one of the reasons why those which can be cut and polished as highly prized. We should also mention that natural diamonds will require millions of years to form deep below the earth in a subterranean layer known as the mantle. To put this into perspective, it is estimated that the average age of a diamond extracted from the ground is between one and 3.5 billion years. Indeed, a diamond does last forever!

A final factor to consider when referring to rarity involves supply and demand. Major suppliers will often place a cap on the number of diamonds which they provide to the public. A relatively smaller supply will therefore equate to a higher demand and therefore, a perception of rarity.

Visual Beauty

In truth, other gemstones such as rubies and sapphires are rarer than diamonds. However, there is no doubt that the sheer brilliance of a diamond cannot be overstated. Diamonds are unique due to how their interior carbon atoms align. They are formed in such a way as to reflect an amazing amount of light. In other words, phrases such as “shine bright like a diamond” are quite incorrect. The quality and beauty of a stone is dependent upon how much light it can reflect.

The Brilliance of Modern Marketing

Many consumers will be surprised to learn that the popularity of diamonds is associated with a relatively recent history. While their value was appreciated for millennia, it took a simple and yet genius marketing campaign to introduce these stones to the average consumer.

In 1947, diamond supplier De Beers coined the expression “a diamond is forever” and used it to launch an engagement ring campaign. This seemingly straightforward strategy worked wonders and diamonds have continued to enjoy an immense popularity during the 21st century.

So, why are diamonds so popular? Is it due to their appearance, their incredibly long history or the sheer variety of stones available when performing a standard online diamonds search? The fact of the matter is that their ultimate appeal is in the eye of the beholder.

There is still no doubt that humans and diamonds enjoy an intrinsically organic relationship. From engagement rings and tiaras to the latest fashion trends, these brilliant stones will continue to represent the epitome of natural beauty well into the future.

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