How to be a great bridesmaid?

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Is a close friend or a family member getting married? And have you been asked to be a bridesmaid? While it is a wonderful thing to be asked, it also involves several responsibilities.

Being a bridesmaid is definitely fun and exciting but you have to make sure that the bride has a great day and not a thing goes wrong. It is a great honor to be a bridesmaid and it means that the bride trusts you to take care of her on her big day.

So given below are a few things that you should keep in mind and they will help you be the best bridesmaid ever!

Pay attention to what the bride wants

It’s her special day and she deserves to have everything she wants. Brides usually have a lot of planning to do. They are very particular about their needs and want everything to be in line with that.

So, listen to her choices and support her decision. Do not constantly give her advice and if you have opinions about certain things, then approach her if you are completely sure and make sure that you buffer a negative response with a more positive tone.

Know what your duties are as a bridesmaid

There are specific tasks that you need to take care of as a bridesmaid. These include helping the bride pick the perfect dress (or support and appreciate her choice if she has already purchased a dress), helping her choose the perfect dress for all the bridesmaids and if you have a particular style in mind, then let her know. You could also assist her in choosing the right bridesmaid gifts.

Arranging for wedding favors and also keeping track of all the gifts so that the bride and groom can send thank you notes later are a few other tasks you need to assist a bride on.

There will be a lot of pre-wedding events other than the bachelorette, like the rehearsal dinner, bridal showers and several pre-wedding parties and as a bridesmaid, it is your duty to make sure that all these are planned perfectly.

It is also your duty to assist the bride with her dress and makeup on the day of the wedding.

Coordinate and…
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