How to choose the best conditioner for dry hair

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For people with dry hair it is of utmost importance to choose most suitable conditioner for their hair. Everyone has experienced, at one time or another in life, dry brittle hair.

That is why finding the best conditioner for dry hair syndrome is critical to having healthy looking and feeling hair each and every day.

Before looking at some of the best conditioners for this common hair condition, we can first look at the root cause of dry brittle hair.

While there are indeed many likely causes for dry hair, there are several that stand out as primarily responsible for this sometimes rather annoying hair condition.

As an added note, it is important to understand that if a good quality hair conditioner does not improve dry hair, it may be time to look at diet, or health related issues.

Getting To the “Root” Of Dry Hair

At the core of the dry hair issue, is the fact that when hair is dry, it is indicating that there is a deficiency in oils and natural moisture.

Typically, hair that is dry will appear dull, feel brittle, and have the texture of dried straw.

The condition is often the result of excessive exposure to sunshine, wind, as well as frequent exposure to swimming pools that often contain a host of harsh chemicals.

Finding and regularly using the best conditioner for dry hair is critical to combating this very common, and unwanted hair condition.

A high quality type conditioner for hair will replenish and replace the missing oils and moisture that dry hair is so desperately lacking.

Local Climate Often Determines the Condition of Your Hair

Climate can play a big factor in overall hair quality, on a day-to-day basis.

For example, those living in a predominantly desert like climate, such as the desert in the southwest of the United States, can expect more frequent bouts with dry hair syndrome. The desert is well known for its dry arid climate, strong intense sunlight, and dry hot winds.

These conditions are exactly what promote and encourage regular cases of dry hair. Typically those living in tropical, and sub-tropical climates, where ambient moisture is much higher, will likely experience little to no climate induced dry hair.

Those who do live in climates that are conducive to dry hair can take precautions such as wearing a hat to reduce the effects of dry hair…
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