How to create the perfect look for any room with removable wallpaper

floral removable wallpaper

“Decorating rule: Live with what you love.”

This random quote that I once saw online practically reflects the way I want my home to be. I am sure; like me, for most of you, home is a safe space where you can work, play, relax, and rejuvenate.

The current Covid conditions mean that most of you are isolating and spending most of the day at your home. With so much free time at hand, now is the right opportunity to upgrade your home.

If you are planning a home renovation, a great place to start is to upgrade your walls with a removable stick and peel wallpaper.

Whether you want to change the walls, declutter, reposition your furniture, or even add new accessories to give the rooms a totally new look, we have a few simple tips to help you create a perfect look for every room.

Start with the walls

For me personally, a wall is a blank canvas that is ready to be played with. A small change in terms of wall colors, patterns, designs, and textures can go a long way in adding a completely fresh and perfect look to any room.

I have two beautiful girls who share a room. When updating their room, I allowed them to pick from among the different wallpapers for girls kids rooms. Fortunately for me, the girls had a common choice and we started working on the walls in their room.

The advantage of these removable stick and peel wallpapers is that they are easy to install, easy to remove, inexpensive, and highly durable. They add a lovely touch to the walls and give your room the perfect touch you have always craved for.

Add a splash of bold colors

Bold colors add a wow factor and cheerful touch to your room. If you prefer plan walls, choose an accent wall to experiment with bright-colored patterns and designs. This will break the monotony of the room and make your room look bright and airy. Remember, bold is always beautiful.

Add mirrors

Reflective surfaces such as mirrors make your small room look bigger. If you feel your room looks very confined, adding mirrors at random places adds a totally new dimension.

A simple tip is to place a huge mirror opposite to or diagonally across a light source such as natural sunlight. This will reflect the light making your room look bigger, brighter, and airier. This also puts you in a cheerful mood to work, especially when you are working from home.

Don’t forget the plants

Plants are your best friend. The color green from the plants is pleasing to the eye and soothing to the mind. The color is also known to mitigate the stress that can occur due to long hours of looking at the computer screen. It is a known fact that plants release oxygen.

Plants also add an Instagram-worthy look to your home, giving that perfect look.

I have personally tried all the above tips, starting with the removable stick and peel wallpapers, and I have been able to create a perfect look for every room. I have successfully found wallpapers for every room, including wallpapers for girls kids rooms.

I am sure with these tips you will be able to create perfect rooms in your home too!!

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