How to ensure safe drinking water for your children

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It is nearly impossible to keep water free from all traces of contaminants. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, even drinking water “may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants”.

Those “small amounts of contaminants” are no issue for the most of us. Adults in particular are unlikely to be adversely affected by them.

Children are not quite as impervious to contaminants as adults however. As noted by the World Health Organization, children are more vulnerable to environmental risks because they are still developing.

8 Hacks on Safe Drinking Water For Your Kids

To ensure that children are not needlessly exposed to contaminants in the water they consume, parents and guardians can follow the tips outlined below.

1. Never Let Them Drink Directly from the Tap

Tap water may feature some chemical content if the source it originates from is not completely clean. Kids exposed to that chemically-tainted water may fall ill and thus it is best to err on the side of caution and avoid giving them water straight from the tap.

2. Boil Their Water

In situations wherein alternative sources of water are unavailable or perhaps too expensive, boiling tap water before giving it to children is an option parents can consider.

Once the water has been boiled properly, the bacteria and viruses that may have been present in it previously are distroyed.

3. Don’t Re-boil Their Water

Once the previously boiled water has been left to sit for too long, there may be some temptation on your part to boil it again to be certain that it is safe to drink.

You must avoid doing that though as re-boiled water may end up being worse for your children because its chemical content may be concentrated further.

4. Use Water Filters

To make obtaining clean water easier for you and your kids, you can install a water filter. Water filters can remove some of the impurities that may be floating around in regular tap water.

By using a water filter, you will effectively eliminate the need to boil water before giving it to your children.

5. Clean Their Water Bottles Every Day

Bacteria thrive in moist environments and at the end of a day of use, your kid’s water bottle turns into a hotspot for…
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