How to help your kid deal with math anxiety

math anxiety

Though Math is a very important subject, many students face difficulty while dealing with the subject. Very often Math related anxiety exists in people who have a fear of the subject, get nervous easily, or feel pressurized while dealing with Math.

Thus, if you are a parent, trying to help your child to deal with Math anxiety, here are a few things you can try.

Confidence building

In order to build your child’s confidence in the subject, you have to talk to him/her. It’s important to find out why they dread Math so much.

You, as a parent, may not know what might have been the reason for this persisting fear. Maybe he/she are getting poor grades or finding it difficult to understand what is being taught in class.

It’s important to understand their worry surrounding the subject. There are also chances that your child might not be familiar with the teacher taking the lectures for maths or not confident to put up a question in front of entire class. This lack of confidence can build up the anxiety and stress within your kid.

For example, your child might worry that he/she might get the answer wrong for which their teacher might think that he/she is stupid. It’s important to address such concerns.

It is important to make your kid understand that failure and success, both are part of lives. You can’t expect to get succeed all the times, and which is why, he/she must ask questions without worrying about looking stupid.

Hiring A Tutor

One way of helping your child deal with Math related anxiety is by getting some extra help for them. He/she might be trying very hard to understand the concepts taught in class but might be failing to understand it.

In such situations, a little additional help will be the need of the hour. In that light, a tutor can take a more personalized approach while teaching your child. A tutor will repeat the concepts again and again till it becomes clear to the child.
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