How to help your kids with homework

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Homework has become a significant part of today’s learning. As a parent or a guardian, it’s your obligation to support, direct and encourage your children to do the best when it comes to their homework. Please note that a child’s homework can have a direct impact on their performance in the classroom and their overall educational development. Your support is crucial if you want to boost your child’s performance.

Being part of your child’s education throughout their school life can be very fulfilling to the parent and the child as well. It can also incredibly improve their performance. Hence, don’t leave your children to struggle with their homework while you have what they need to succeed. Even older children who may not necessarily ask for help can benefit from your support and guidance.

Importance of assisting your child with homework

When you help your kids with homework, here’s what they stand to benefit.


For some kids, school is all they need to get motivated, work hard, gain confidence and excel. However, for the majority, school life isn’t that straightforward. There are so many factors that may hinder your child from gaining confidence at school. For instance, your child may not have a close relationship with the teacher or teacher may not able to focus of the kid individually. While you may not have control over such issues, there is something you can do to assist your kids. When assisting them with their homework, create an environment where they are free to show off their skills and share their opinions without worrying about being reprimanded in case their answer is not correct. You will soon realize that this attitude is being transferred into their classwork. Thus, improving their performance.


If you want to maintain a close relationship with your kids, be part of their school life. You may have realized that you were more close to them when they were toddlers but since they joined school, they have found friends and playmates to replace you. If you don’t want the gap to grow wider, then create a bonding environment for you both during homework time. Bonding over homework can be very beneficial and rewarding to you both. From the interaction, your kids will get time to learn and excel in their school life while you will get an opportunity to know your children better and even discover more ways to help them. Besides, your relationship will become stronger.

Top tips to assist your children with homework

If you want to enhance your skills and boost your child’s study habits while at home, here are amazing tips that you should give a try. You will both be surprised how smoother the school year goes.

Create homework space at home

The first thing you need to do if you want to support your children with homework is to create a space for that purpose at home. The space you choose should be spacious enough, well-lit and quiet. You should also avail all the necessary items your kids need to complete their homework. Your children will get to understand how important homework is if they see you have designated a certain space just for their homework purposes. Otherwise, there is no way your child can know that homework is crucial if they are the one looking for space to do their assignments. It is even worse if when they ask you, you casually mention any space that comes to your mind such as the dining table, the couch or the countertop in the kitchen. You need to be specific so that every time you go to their study area, they already know what’s expected of them.

Establish a routine

Another easy way to help your child with homework is to establish a routine and stick to it. Choose a time that both of you will be available to handle homework without distractions. If it means you sacrificing your favourite TV show, then please do so. It’s for a worthy cause. Besides, you can tape the show and watch it later when both of you are done with homework. Just make sure when your children are doing their homework have your full attention and no distractions are coming from outside.

Get organized

If your kids are younger, then you may be required to solely create a homework timetable. In that case, make sure it’s accessible and your kids can clearly understand it. This will help your children learn the importance of being organized at a tender age. They can even use it as inspiration when planning for their school work later in life. For older kids, you have to do the planning together. Talk with your child and agree on the right timings. Also use that chance to discuss about their progress at school and the changes they need to make to meet their goals.

Create boundaries

Creating clear boundaries during homework time means your children will have ample time to concentrate on their studies. Before creating the boundaries, discuss with your children and decide on the rules to govern homework time. When you involve them, it will be easier for them to follow those regulations. For instance, you may all agree that TV and radio will be switched off until homework time is over. For a teenager who owns a cell phone, you may agree that it must be switched off during homework time.

Be the parent your children deserves to have

Being a parent is an all-round affair. You must impact their lives positively. Other than teaching them good morals, benefits of eating healthy food, why they should exercise and anything helpful to their lives, you need to be their teacher as well. However, do not mistake assisting them with homework to doing it for them. Your role is to guide and teach them to be self-sufficient to complete their homework on their own. Walk with them throughout their school life. Let them know that apart from their teachers, their mom or dad is there for them. With that kind of support and reassurance, they will be good to go.

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