How to plan for a small intimate wedding

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If big weddings are not your thing, eloping is not the only option when you can have a small intimate wedding. It a perfect choice when you want to avoid the crowd decently. A small wedding comes with a lot of benefits. Apart from a friendly budget, you also get to interact with your guests one on one. This is one kind of a ceremony where you have enough time to pay attention to every detail.

Don’t feel guilty because you reduced your wedding ceremony to a small cozy and intimate size. This means you will only invite the closest and dearest people to you. This will make the celebration more personal. Although it’s still possible to have memorable moments even with a big wedding, an intimate wedding gives the couple more time to bond with their guests. At the end, every guest gets a chance to contribute to the ceremony in their unique ways.

If your ideal wedding is a small intimate wedding, the information compiled below will help you plan yours hustle free. It also contained practical tips that can help you stick to your budget but still plan for an extra special wedding ceremony and make your guests feel special. Find the data you need to plan for that cozy wedding you have always fantasized about.

What’s the ideal size of a small intimate wedding?

The truth is, the more the merrier is not always the case. You need to shrink your wedding guests if you want to have an intimate wedding. While most wedding planners consider a wedding with fewer than 50 guests a small wedding, the number of guests you prefer to invite is entirely up to you. However, you cannot invite over a hundred guests and still expect to have a small intimate wedding. You have to be realistic. Just keep in mind that the fewer the guests invited, the more intimate your wedding will become.

Tips to assist you plan a small intimate wedding

Consider these tips when planning your intimate wedding and you will love the outcome.

Stick to the budget

The fact that you are having a small wedding doesn’t mean you should forget you had a budget to observe. If you do so, you will later realize you went overboard and that can affect your finances. It’s important to also consider your honeymoon plan and the kind of life you and your spouse expect to live after the wedding. Remember there is life after the D-day.

Make the day special

Don’t be too relaxed because there is nothing much to do when planning a small wedding. How about you divert the resources and time you could have used to provide a thousand invitation cards by making the day feel extra special? Think of something that will make your wedding day special to you and your guests.

Get a unique venue

When it comes to the venue, think outside the box. The small number of guests is not likely to limit you as it’s the case with a large guest list. You have an opportunity to get a unique venue. Go for the venue that fits your personalities and is meaningful to the two of you. It’s your day after all.

Examples of venues you can think of include:

  • Beautiful family homes
  • Gardens
  • Galleries
  • Beaches
  • Cozy cabins
  • Rustic ranches
  • Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Posh private clubs

Know the must-haves

Whether small or big, there are those things you must have for the event to be called a wedding ceremony. The décor has to be elaborate, the bride and the groom must look like it’s their wedding day, the cake, champagne and delicacies will make you and the guests feel like a wedding just happened. Also, make sure entertainment is available least you bore the guests.

Skip what is less important

The impressive thing about small weddings is the freedom to skip the things you don’t consider important. In fact, there are so many things you don’t feel pressured to do. Therefore, outline the important things to you and your partner and omit the ones that don’t matter. Since your crowd is small and you know them all in person, include the activities that everyone will love. You can also skip the formal invitation and just inform the guests in person.

Stick to your guests list

Once you finalize your guest list, stick to it. Of course you may feel like you left out an important person but if you keep on changing, then it will be difficult to finalize the list. If you are agonizing over the guest list, experts recommend that you only consider the people you have maintained contact in the past three months and whose presence at your wedding will be meaningful to you. You and your partner must be prepared to cut down the list of guest to the people who really matter. You must also be prepared to deal with ill feelings from friends who would have expected to be invited. You don’t have to feel awful though, it would be extremely hard to satisfy everyone even if you would have chosen to have a magnificent wedding. So long as you are satisfied with your guest list, go ahead and make the necessary arrangement.

Give your guests a special treat

Unlike in the big weddings where guests leave after the wedding, with a small wedding, you have the chance to do things differently. For instance, you can organize the event to go for the whole weekend and arrange for the guests to stay at a luxurious inn. More so, instead of the common wines, you can think of the best champagne for your guests. Although they won’t be expecting such lavish treatment, you can do so to make them feel important and for your day to feel special. The good thing is that you will feel the value of your money because it has been spent on people who are really important to you.


As you have read, it’s possible to hold a small wedding surrounded by the people who matter to you the most. Small weddings are a great fit to couples who love intimate ceremonies or those who cannot afford the luxuries of a magnificent wedding. Nothing should limit you from having your dream wedding.

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