Important things every bride should know before her wedding

Bridesmaid preparing bride for the wedding day

A wedding is a big event. It is even bigger if it’s your wedding. There are so many things you are expected to do before and during the wedding. Therefore, if you are not well prepared, you may find the whole scenario overwhelming. That’s why every bride needs to get prepared at least a few weeks to her wedding day so that she can have fun and enjoy her special day.

While some last-minute things may happen and you won’t have control over them, for the many others you have control over, please be prepared to handle them on time. Every bride hopes to have their dream wedding but if some things are not taken care of on time, things can go haywire and leave the bride without the memories she has always wanted to have for her wedding day.

Of course, there are so many things a bride needs to know before her wedding, but here are the most crucial ones. Consider them for your D-day and you will not regret it.

Get comfortable shoes

Most shoes designed for a bride are high-heeled. If you are not into them, do not attempt to wear them on your wedding day. You may want to look like that celebrity bride who walked down the aisle with 6 inched-heels just the other day, but do you know trying the same can lead to the most embarrassing moment in your life? This is not a day to make drama. Your parents, relatives, friends and the love of your life will all be looking at you as you make your grand entrance. Please, make sure you get shoes you can comfortably and confidently walk in even when everyone’s attention is on you.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear high heels though. If you are into these type of shoes and you know you can comfortably walk in them, then, by all means, wear them. It is your day and you deserve to wear what makes you happy. Besides, it is not a must you wear flats, if you can get shoes with a comfortable heel, then that would be amazing.

Look for the correct undergarments

When it comes to your wedding, not every undergarment is convenient to wear. You need to look for the right undergarments that won’t compromise your overall look. Make sure you do this weeks before the wedding because you need to try them out and feel that they are indeed comfortable. It isn’t funny to realize the undergarment you have can’t be worn with your wedding gown or they are not fitting the morning to your wedding. This can be very frustrating and even ruin your confidence for the day.

If you don’t want to see lines and some other funny things when you look at yourself in the mirror, consider investing in good-quality pair of seamless nude underwear. If your gown is made of a lighter material or its form-fitting, you need to be extra careful with the undergarments you are choosing. When shopping for the undergarments, consider the camera flashes, lighting and your comfort. Then get the one that solves the equation. However, if you are wearing a ball gown with a full skirt, this may not be a challenge. You can just look for undergarments that are comfortable and makes your feel gorgeous.

Spare the weekend before the wedding

In the past few weeks, you have been busy organizing for your big day. From getting the gown and accessories, booking the venue, packing for your honeymoon to generally preparing for the new transformation, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed. Even though things are finally falling into place, it’s still possible to get a little stressed as the big day approaches.

This is the last week you are spending as a single woman. From next week onwards, you will either be going to places with your husband or you will have to seek their consent before embarking on a trip. Thus, enjoy the freedom while it lasts and spares sometime alone where no one disturbs you. But remember to inform your future husband least he thinks his bride eloped a week to their wedding.

If you can, just plan for a weekend getaway. Even if you are going to spend most of your time in the hotel room, that time is essential for you to relax, unwind and get rejuvenated. While at it, you can book for a massage or a facial at the spa near you just to pamper yourself.

Remember you are the one to set the mood for your wedding day. If you look tired and restless, it will be the case with your bridesmaids, the groom and the guests at large. Please no one wants to attend the wedding of a tired bride who looks like she was forced to be there. If you can do something to reduce the stress associated with wedding planning, please do so because it’s important.

Request someone to pack some food for you

It is might sound funny that you are the one who planned for the menu but you might not have time to enjoy the delicacies. It’s your big day and everyone wants to hug you, take a photo with you or just congratulate you. What does this mean? Unfortunately, you will not have enough time to sit down and enjoy a meal like other guests.

Be smart and request the person in charge of meals to pack a meal for you so that you can eat after the wedding. Alternatively, request the meals be sent to your hotel room so that you can indulge in the meals when you retire for the day. The good thing about having a meal at the end of the wedding ceremony is that you will have enough time to enjoy your meals without worrying about neglecting your guests who came from far and wide just to celebrate your special day with you.

Go on your honeymoon right away

Not unless you or your spouse is held up by work or other unavoidable circumstances, you need to go on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding. Don’t think of a mini-vacation or a weekend getaway in the name of planning for a real honeymoon later on. It will not only be a waste of time but it will also not be as useful as it would have been if you went immediately after the wedding.

Honeymoon allows the couple to spend time together, enjoy each other’s company without anyone disturbing them and get to know each other now as husband and wife. Plus this is the only time your friends and family members won’t disturb you. By the way, during this time, they won’t be offended if you fail to check the emails or receive their calls. So why not make good use of the moment? A time will come when responsibilities will start knocking. Before then, enjoy the company of your new spouse.

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