Jane the Virgin season 5 – why is it so popular?

jane the virgin

Season five is the last one for this entertaining television show, and everyone can’t hold back their anxiety to watch it. It is filled with tons of drama and emotional scenes that will leave you breathless and often in tears.

You can watch Jane the virgin season 5 online and get an experience of fascinating plot twists ever seen before. You should be aware by now that the show is about a virgin who goes by the name Jane and who was inseminated by accident through the works of a careless gynecologist, using the semen from his brother.

You can check the show out through MSN website that has all the latest shows to stream. These are some of the reasons why season five of the show has gained a lot of popularity:


The first thing you will notice with this new season is the appearance of Jane’s husband after a long time missing in action. Michael, Jane’s husband, appears after having died for four years according to the show’s timeline.

This plot twist can only be equated to that of the Latin American soaps where the characters either embrace or transcend the occurrence.

This twist brings in confusion to the life of Jane where her donor baby daddy known as Rafael in the film is seen ready to propose to her. Jane is now left with the burden of handling her emotions which seem to overwhelm her in some instances.

This comes at a time when she saw her life fully set without any trouble and then there comes the stress once again. It’s like turning a cup of tasty beverage upside down even before tasting, and it is devastating as you may already picture.


As intense as the drama may unfold in this last season, the norm that is with the show is maintained. There is an even better sense of humor in the show than there was before, with scenes such as the shooting of Rafael’s ex-lover Petra.

In this scene, Petra is seen hiding inside a giant bear costume whilst treating her wound. The narrator in the show can’t hold back the intense emotions in an unbearable exclamation.

There is nothing that goes well with drama than humor, and this show knows this all too well. There are a few instances where you will not hold back the laughter, and at the same time, the tears will follow. It’s a mix of sweet and sour, just in the…
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