beautiful smile girl

7 reasons why a dental implant is the right decision for you

If you’re missing teeth, smiling is not easy. It’s a known fact that our smile is one of the first things other people notice about us. And so, when a tooth is missing, smiling, talking, and exerting confidence can be much easier said than done. We fear that other people will judge us when a […] Read more »
gorgeous curvy girl

6 ways to look curvy and drop dead gorgeous

Women are gorgeous no matter their ethnicity, body weight, body shape, talent, and profession. Hence, it is not necessary to have a curvy body to look drop dead gorgeous. If you’re a woman, you’re beautiful anyway. Despite this universal acceptance, some women are fascinated by curves, and they would do anything to get some extra […] Read more »
girl in a bad mood

7 ways to fight a bad mood

Are you feeling grumpy right now? Well, worry not. A good number of us feel the same way every day of our lives. Stress may give us a bad mood once in a while. In other days, our emotions change into unexplainable situations. At times, we give in to such feelings, and we end up […] Read more »
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When love fades away: 6 myths about tattoo removal

We all go through phases in life where we do things that are extreme and/or risky and we don’t realize what we’ve done until it’s all over. Tattoos can be one of those things. How many times have you heard “I got a tattoo after drinking” or “I got my tattoo because everyone else was […] Read more »
first trimester pregnancy

5 keys to a happy and healthy first trimester

Being in your first trimester of pregnancy can be shocking, exciting and overwhelming as you anticipate the birth of your child and all of the changes and joys it will bring to your life. However, the first trimester can be a real rollercoaster ride with a mix of many highs and lows. While you may […] Read more »