10 ways to survive the first 96 hours when lost in the woods

man making fire in the wood

Being lost in the woods can be one of the most traumatic experiences you might encounter. Note that the whole experience is different from when you get lost in the city or any other unfamiliar place because you can always ask people for directions.

In the woods, you will most likely be alone. No one will be there to help you find the right direction so you have to depend on yourself to survive.

If you love exploring the woods then you should prepare yourself for anything that might happen while in there, like getting lost all of a sudden.

You have to study some effective survival tips so you won’t end up not knowing what to do in that unfortunate situation.

Prepare everything that you might need in case you stay in the woods for a few days. One of the most important things to prepare is a compass.

Know how to find the right compass and invest in a really good one so you can bring it in your next adventure.

As a guide, here are also 10 ways/tips for you to survive the first 96 hours in the woods in case you get lost.

1. Look for a source of water – If you get lost in the woods, you should prioritize finding a source of drinking water. Water is necessary for your survival in the woods. Find out if there are signs of fresh water close to you.

One of these is green foliage, which indicates that there is a source of water nearby. Find out if there are signs of wildlife, too, such as animal tracks, as this indicates that a stream, pond, or creek is close to you.

2. Analyze your present situation – Do not let panic and anxiety overpower your thinking. Your goal should be to have full control over the situation.

Calm yourself down so you can think clearly and assess your present situation. Clear your thoughts, relax, and breathe deeply.

By calming yourself, you can start thinking of ways to further ensure your safety and survive in the woods in the next few hours and days.

3. Create your shelter – You can create your own shelter out in the woods by bending over a sapling then tying it using vines or a rope.

Make sure to secure the sapling before starting to collect other saplings, pine tree branches, and sticks that have leaves. You can use these in creating the roof of your shelter.

The sapling should serve as the base. Look for large sticks that you can put along every side to build your shelter.

Collect twigs and branches of various sizes. Also, your established shelter should have proper insulation. In this case, you may use a dry…
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