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marriage proposal

Have you finally met your soul mate and what’s disturbing you now is how to propose? Perfect. This article is meant for you. It contains great and unique ideas that will get her to say yes instantly. Although the sunset-on-the-beach proposal is a romantic idea, why not go for something unusual? She will not only say yes but she will also feel special. The ideas you will come across here are enough to make you pop the question just the way you have always wanted.

Things to consider when choosing a marriage proposal idea

Your lifestyles

One important thing you should never fail to consider is your personalities. If she is a quiet person, there is no need for a flashy wedding proposal. Apart from disliking the publicity, she might even get too scared to say yes. However, if she is the outgoing type who doesn’t mind when all the eyes turn to her when attending an event with a hot red dress, then a quiet marriage proposal might be too boring to her. She might even feel like she’s not very important to you. Hence, know your girl and choose an idea that is most appropriate if you want to make this day special to the two of you.


Just like any other function, it’s good to have a budget, otherwise, you might have a flashy marriage proposal and fail to get the money for the same standard wedding. Choose an idea that is romantic and special to you both within your budget. You can even make the moment memorable by getting a professional proposal photographer. Your woman will feel adored for thing for many days to come. Besides, you will have something special to show your children and grandchildren.


The place you intend to propose to the love of your life should be special to both of you. Don’t choose a place because your best friend proposed to her sweetheart in that same location and she said yes. You might be in for a rude shock if yours does not turn out the same. The best way would be to choose a place that gives your woman jitters wherever you go there. It could be a place she holds dear to her like where she used to play with her siblings when she was little. If you choose to propose to her on a location you both have never been before, don’t do it immediately you get to the location. Study her mood first and if she is excited to be there, do your thing.

Top marriage proposal ideas

Planning for a special and sweet marriage proposal can be nerve-wracking. Fortunately, we’ve got your back! Whether you want a sweet, quiet and simple proposal or a flamboyant super unique proposal, you will surely find something fascinating. Be that one of a kind groom-to-be with these creative marriage proposals below.

Welcome home

When your fiancé-to-be flies out next time, plan a surprise welcome party. Organize your family members and close friends to join you at the airport on the D-day. Get them to hold those specially designed signs spelling out the special words, ”will you marry me?” and stand at a place where your sweetheart will read them clearly as she comes to meet you. The ‘’me’’ sign should be held by you unless you want to help someone else propose to your girl.

At the beach

If you can’t stop dreaming about a beach proposal, then here’s a perfect idea. Write the important words in the sand. However, because it’s a surprise, let her close her eyes as you do the writing. If she is the cunning type, tie her eyes with a piece of clothing and only untie it when you’ve finished the writings. As you reveal what you have just written, be on your knees and wait for her answer. If a yes, put her the ring and give her a passionate hug. She’s all yours.

Surprise message

Choose a location your sweetheart will go to at some point in the day. It can be inside the refrigerator door using perhaps the alphabet refrigerator magnets, on the dressing mirror or even slip a small proposal card inside her purse. Make sure you put the card at a place she will see before she leaves the compound. Any destination she isn’t likely expecting such a message will be amazing and will do the magic.

Write the message in the air

If you want to proclaim your love to the world, skywriting marriage proposal will serve the purpose. You can even go an extra mile if your budget allows you and get a plane to fly the banner with the big question all over the town. Won’t she feel special? This option is perfect for both small and elaborate wedding proposal events.

Choose a unique location

If you want your marriage proposal to bring out nostalgic memories, select a special place. You can take her to the place where you first met and as she remembers what transpired on that day, go on the knees and pop up the big question. You can also choose a place which has personal significance to you both. It can be a monument, a certain hotel, the beach, a fountain or even a national park. While there, ask someone to take a photo of both of you for memories. Pretend to pose but along the way drop down on one knee and ask her to marry you.

On a romantic trip

The best thing about romantic trips is that both of you are relaxed, excited and in the mood. In such a case, the groom-to-be does not have to worry if she will make it to the location at the right time. After all, you are together all the time. No need to worry about something urgent coming up as you have dinner because probably you are out of your home towns and workplaces. In short, there are no destructions. In that regard, why not do it over dinner? You can ask the staffs at the hotel to help you. They have done it many times, they will guide you accordingly.

The takeaway

As you can see, it’s never that hard to pop up the big question. You just need to be organized, work within your budget and most importantly, choose an idea that will align with your personalities. From there, you can be sure it will be a happily ever after.

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