What is the meaning behind the moon necklace?

Have a special woman in your life or do you want to treat yourself with a special gift? Your problem is fully solved. Simply get yourself a gorgeous moon phase necklace. This type of necklace is one of a kind and it has special significance. This type of necklace comes in handy any time you want to pair it with a casual outfit or even official dress. That’s because it is stylish and versatile.

When wearing a necklace it is important to know its meaning and what it symbolizes so that you can feel empowered and inspired when wearing it. The moon necklace is among the most cherished jewelry designs for a very long time now. It is also so popular since it has different styles ensuring that every wearer has an option to identify with their personality.

To begin with, the moon symbolizes empowerment and it represents female influence, intuition, and kindness. Basically, it is used to show the power that women wield throughout the world. Actually, in the ancient, the moon was believed to be s deity who was quietly exercising her influence all over the world. When it comes to Greek mythology, the moon is seen as a representation of fertility and regeneration. That is the reason why women who wanted to conceive were praying to the moon goddess Selene to help them bring a new life into the world. Chinese philosophy was not hefted out either. They believed the female moon and the male sun were a perfect balance to the world despite their big difference. Generally, a full moon is thought to enable humans to be creative, boost energy levels and positivity.

The significance of the crescent moon

First of all, the moon is a feminine symbol. Crescent moon necklace has a meaning behind it instead of just its shape. It is used to symbolize the representation of the lunar phase in the first quarter or the moon itself. Even Diana Artemis used it to represent virginity and in the Roman Catholic, it was used in the association with the Virgin Mary.

Crescent moon symbol has also been used in Islam. Crescent was introduced as chaplain badge for Muslim chaplains in the US military back in 1993. In most cases, the crescent moon is used by Turks and Muslims as a symbol of victory.

Why go for a moon necklace?

The moon itself is a reflection of light of the sun. She is seen as the controller of the universe and an eternal reminder that light is always in existence in our lives; an everlasting friend of the night. Besides that, she is a symbol of change and transformation.

The sun and moon necklace has a deeper meaning. It is a perfect option for any day. Below are just a few reasons why it should be your choice of the necklace as well.

  • It represents the empowerment of female gender
  • A perfect way to a great woman in your life
  • This thoughtful gift will enable you to perfect the words “I love you to the moon and back”
  • An amazing way to welcome a new life into the world
  • The moon is a good reminder that you should always follow your dreams

Apart from this necklace is unique and trendy, it can also be customized to represent the phase of the moon that is most meaningful to you. The wide variety available in a number of online shops to give you an opportunity to select a gorgeous necklace to suit your personality.

This necklace gives you a big chance to show you care to your loved ones or to the special women in your life in a special and unforgettable way. Intending to honor a long friendship or simply looking to surprise your sibling? Half-moon necklace is designed to do just that.

Different ways to style your moon necklace

Crescent moon necklace is the most adored type of necklace currently. In fact, it is one of the must-have jewelry pieces for the season. Henceforth, you need to learn some cool ways to style your favorite crescent moon to achieve that fabulous look.

The most impressive feature in this form of the necklace is that it can be worn on any day. However, the crescent moon pendant makes it become a perfect layering piece. How you style your moon necklace you can make your looks more elegant, fashionable and extravagant.

Most probably you have come across many fashionistas or even people around you wearing this type of a necklace. People wear them for different reasons. As much as most people will go for it for beauty purposes, there are some who opt for it to symbolize something. Even the upside down moon necklace has a meaning and the most appropriate time to be worn. Whichever the case, you should wear it appropriate so that it can fulfill your needs.

Below are a few options you should put into your consideration next time you want to wear your moon necklace:

Chunky moon necklace

Are you looking for a bold look? This will be a perfect choice. Unlike the fine chains, this type will definitely draw people’s attention for all the good reasons since it will transform your look in a bold way. This type of necklace is quite visible and cool at the same time. Furthermore, you can still combine them with other necklaces for a much fuller appearance. Best worn with on tops and dresses with a deep V-neck.

Long crescent moon necklace

This is also another perfect way to accessorize deep v-shaped outfits. They enable the wearer to give an interest to their look. These long necklaces with dainty chains are so comfortable to wear and enjoy your day out. An interesting feature about long moon necklaces is that is an accessory you can use all year round. Apart from wearing it with a V-shaped outfit, you can also wear it with a simple tee or your beachwear. When wearing a long moon necklace, there is no need to combine it with other jewelry, it is just perfect on its own.

Chokers with half-moon pendant

This is a super trendy look! If you love to wear chokers, then stay trendy and sleek be wearing a choker with a half-moon as a pendant. Use this style to decorate and make your summer outfits the talk of the town. These accessories are also perfect for the night out occasions just the way they are with day look. For this case, you can comfortably wear them with longer chain necklace or a delicate short necklace.

Delicate choker with a crescent moon pendant

Apart from the classy chokers, you can also opt for a delicate metallic or fine chain choker with a tiny half-moon pendant. These types of jewelry are very sleek and modern. When wearing these accessories, you will have worn yourself a delicate touch and an outstanding individual touch. The good thing about this one is that you can wear it solo and allow it to be your statement piece. Alternatively, you can wear it in combination with other jewelry pieces as well. This type of necklace can be worn on a special occasion or just to uplift your daily look. Owning a discrete necklace that does the magic on its own is a good investment.

A boho look with a crescent moon necklace

If you are a lady who loves to do a free-spirited and boho beach style, then it is your high time you consider owning a crescent moon necklace. The most favorable one you should opt for should look like horns rather than the moon. Are you wondering why? Well, so that it looks more natural or as if it is almost an animal’s tooth. Boho fashion entails about earthy and sandy colors and natural elements like bones and feathers. Such accessories will be cool during the summer. You will even be able to achieve a relaxed look. This type of necklace can be worn with other accessories such as a delicate choker with half-moon pendant. Boho style is all about being creative.

The bottom line

Crescent moon meaning is very important when choosing for an appropriate moon necklace to fit into your personality. If you want to stand out from the rest in a crowd, then the secret is to wear trendy jewelry piece accordingly. More so, you can also try combining your half-moon necklace with other necklaces with pendants just to create a perfect layering effect. Do not hesitate to invest in a good crescent moon necklace for a fabulous look.

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