The importance of establishing a strong mother-daughter bond

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Maintaining a good relationship with your daughter is good for you both. A strong mother-daughter bond is a unique relationship that is rare to find within other family members. It’s a special relationship where the participants handle disagreements better than any other relationship. However, rebellion may prevail itself at some point especially during teenage life. That’s why it’s important to establish a strong bond with your daughter right from birth. If your daughter knows and sees you are there for her in both happy and bad times, she will grow knowing she has someone special to count on no matter what. As she matures into a young lady, you will also have someone to count on. The bond between you will be unshakable.

Benefits of a strong mother-daughter bond

So, why is it so important for daughters and mothers to have a tight relationship? Here are just a few of the benefits both of them ought to gain.

Great support

A well-established mother-daughter relationship is beneficial to both of them. There is a higher possibility of your daughter supporting you in old age the same way you supported her when she was growing up. Therefore, when you care, support and guide your daughter during her young life, the same will reciprocate when she is old enough to take care of you. Besides, there are so many amazing things you can count on each other when your bond is strong. You will be comfortable to share secrets, desires and any other issue disturbing any of you. Both of you will be more than willing to help each other in every way possible. So if this sounds amazing, then its time you fix what might be broken between the two of you.

Sincere relationship

Among all the relationships you will ever have, you may realize that the relationship between a mother and her daughter is the most sincere. It’s not judgmental and so it becomes easy for both of them to share any kind of information. Imagine having someone who’s got your back no matter the situation? It can be so fulfilling and peaceful.

Mothers tend to understand their daughters needs even before they fully explain themselves. This could be associated with the fact that they were also their daughters’ age a sometime back. This makes everything easy for both of them taking away stressful moments that may ruin the bond they share.

True friendship

When the mother is close to her daughter, it will be easy to embody the meaning of true friendship to her. The daughter will grow up knowing the qualities of friendship such as loyalty, trustworthiness, sympathy, sharing etc. Through her relationship with the mother, she will learn how to be a friend and the time to cut off ties of unworthy friendships.

Ways to bond as a mother and daughter

While maintaining a close relationship between mother and daughter is vital, achieving that can also be tricky. Of course, everyone would want a tight bond with her mother as well as her daughter. But that cannot happen only because you wished it did. You have to work hard to achieve that goal. Here are super helpful ways and ideas you can incorporate in your daily life to strengthen your relationship with your daughter.

Pamper yourselves

Come to think of it, when was the last time you visited the spa with your daughter for just a pedicure or a massage? These are some of the things that may look simple but they can really bring you two close. If finances allow you, then you can make this a monthly affair. If not, then consider enjoying the same experience right in the comfort of your home. You just need to plan for the day in advance, get the necessities you will need such as oils, facial masks, fragrant candles and nail polishes. Put some cool music and enjoy a spa day at home. If you can, choose a time when you are just the two of you at home to indulge in the uninterrupted mummy-daughter moment.

Go shopping

Shopping is an activity that delights almost every woman no matter their age. Hence, choose a day or an afternoon to visit a mall or some stalls selling women stuff. Take that moment to buy shoes, clothes, makeup and anything girlish that interests you. You can even buy some matching outfits if this is something both of you want to do. After the shopping experience, you may realize that things are improving for the better if you have had some disagreements a while ago.

Take a walk

The best time to talk and listen to each other is during a walk session. Walking is an exercise that can open up a room to share something that both of you have been meaning to tell each other for a while now. So, don’t let that cool evening turn into the night without doing something special with your daughter. Don’t be limited to a walk though, this should just be an example of an activity you can engage with your daughter. If you like, you can engage in other activities such as running and elicit some hilarious moments that both of you will live to remember.

Go on a road trip

Road trips are amazing any time all around. If you haven’t engaged your daughter during your previous road trips, now would be a great time to plan a day or a weekend to get out and have fun just the two of you. During the trip, occasionally take breaks to view the beautiful sceneries, enjoy some delicacies and just make merry. By the time you are going back home, the bond between you will be unbreakable.


The bond between a mother and her daughter beats out other intergenerational relationships in the family. If you are lucky to have a daughter or your mother is still alive, do all what it takes to strengthen your relationship. Mummy’s boy and daddy’s girl are common statements you will keep hearing about but they should not mislead you. There is so much mothers and their daughters stand to gain when their bond is strong. Why should you be left out?

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