10 perfect outfit ideas for the first day of college

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Many who are embarking on the next chapter of life which involves a high volume of late-night study sessions often want to start off their college years on the most stylish foot. The question of what to wear on the first day of college is often how we begin our impression making. We’ve all gone through the dozens of outfits that end up thrown onto your floor in efforts to find the perfect medley of cute but not too try hard for your very first day of class. Presenting even more of a challenge than just dressing within school code, the summer to fall transition period can be a hard one to prep your closet for.

Luckily, I have personally compiled a list of ten college outfit ideas for both men and women to begin their school year off fashionably.

For Women

1. A light cable knit sweater tucked into a mini or midi skirt with espadrilles

Layers are the secret to survival when dealing with the bipolar weather that comes with every back to school season. Preppy outfit – inspired skirts are a must in your wardrobe. Animal printed skirts are all the rage on the trend charts of today so pick your length of choice, mini or midi, and tuck in an easy breezy sweater to make this look school casual.

An espadrille shoe such as the Meridian by OTBT is a leveled-up sneaker option that compliments this look stylishly. Finally, I advise that you layer with your favorite gold necklaces to complete this boho chic vibe.

2. Tight skinnies, a white tee, delicate necklaces, an oversized blazer and chunky sneakers

Bring your street style back to school with you. Oversized blazers are in and business casual is out. Luckily, this look offers a flavor of sophistication your peers and professors will love the aftertaste of. Simply styled with neutral colors and your most flattering skinnies, end the look with a very on the beat chunky sneaker. Be a collegiate style icon in the bold blazer trend.

3. A t-shirt tucked under a spaghetti strapped dress with a denim jacket and converse

We all love those outfits that look like we tried but actually only took five-seconds to put together. This is one of those life hacks everyone needs to own in their wardrobe. Classrooms are cold, so wearing a thin strapped dress isn’t always the most appealing option. However, throwing a t-shirt or crop top underneath for some dimension and print juxtaposition make you out to look like a style queen. Top this look off in your favorite chucks, the most comfortable casual shoes, and layered with a distressed denim jacket for a cohesive look.

4. Cargo pants, a crop top and bulky boots

Stomp in your statement pieces this school year! Major Kim Possible vibes are in this season with the combo of cargo pants and crop tops. A street style that has been given a bulky twist, pair this combo with some oversized combat boots from Jeffrey Campbell or Timberland. This look is bold and will make a heavy first impression whilst also still remaining comfortable.

5. T-shirt dress with some wedged sandals and a baseball cap

It’s all about looking cool and casual your first day. You don’t want to overstate yourself, but you also don’t want to underwhelm. An oversized graphic tee that can function as a dress or just a simple loose-fitted dress paired with a trendy baseball cap can be styled with summer wedge sandals to fancify the look. This is an easy look to function in and will leave you feeling flirtatiously fabulous on your first day of school.

6. Paper bag shorts with a body suit tucked underneath and some monogram slides

Simple styles are coming back, and the prep is back in everyone’s step. Paper bag shorts are the next best thing for anyone looking to cinch in the waist while not feeling restricted by tight materials. Tuck yourself into a creatively cute body suit and tie up your paper bag shorts and go for an easy look on your first day. Comfortably slide on a pair of monogrammed sandals to finish this look off with the perfect preppy accent.

For Men

Men’s style is a harder realm to refine to separate styles as it universally seems to always be a mash up between sporty and preppy. However, this makes for a beautiful ability to combine the following first day of school outfit suggestions.

1. Oversized striped tee and ripped black jeans

From season to season it seems the infamous large t shirt trend brought on by Yeezy himself, still reigns as the most comfortable trend in men’s fashion. A striped tee gives off a Parisian flair that can be made trendy with some ripped up and rugged black jeans. This is for the manly man on campus that stays authentic to his edgy vibe.

2. Cuffed jeans, white sneakers and a sport jacket

Stay classy while in class this fall and fit yourself into a sport jacket. An easy item to dress down, a sport jacket offers a European vibe to a casual fit such as a t-shirt and some cuffed jeans. End this outfit with a pair of clean, white sneakers and you’ll be sweeping through the campus in style.

3. Khaki shorts with some vans and a trendy branded sweatshirt with a long shirt coming out

The key to comfort often lies in the folds of men’s sweatshirts. Advertising your brand loyalty to Nike or Adidas has acted as an accessory for men in their style wear. This is a universal look that is favored by many collegiate aged men of today and will remain a staple style for seasons to come.

4. Collared short sleeve with baggy cargo pants and a pair of brown dress boots

Funky patterns don the many collared short and long sleeve shirts advertised for men of modern style. This is a look for a man with unwavering confidence and is looking to start his college career with his very best dress shoe forward. A funky printed top and a some on trend pocketed cargo pants gives an air of style abroad.

There you have it! You just get ten outfits hotter and ten ideas closer to finding that perfect ‘fit to start off your school year with.

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