7 sexy presents for your next date night

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Unfortunately, most modern relationships experience a variety of daily distractions. From the typical work- or family-related responsibilities to hobbies or friends or all the stress and responsibilities that come with the money and current lifestyle, it is easy for events to insinuate themselves between two people in love.

Fortunately, romantic relationship-building techniques, such as a weekly date night, help keep relationships sparked and alight with mystery, surprise, and romance.

In fact, one of the best preludes to a date night can be a simple – but sexy – present. Following are the absolute sexiest surprises capable of being gift wrapped.

1. The gift of scent: for couples

Pheromones pique sexual interest, and pheromone-infused perfume or cologne can help subtly eroticize any dinner or movie to the point neither person can stay focused on eating or watching.

For women, perfume will arouse the man. For men, pheromone-infused cologne will be a scent she cannot refuse. Preparation: none. Time for presentation: morning.

2. Triple chocolate delight with a sweet sentiment

First, on the morning of date night, present your loved one with a chocolate rose. For people not interested in flowers, a sweet-chocolate sentiment will more than suffice.

Second, some of the most tantalizing chocolates in the world can be easily ordered online. They are delicious and represent something truly exotic most people outside of Germany will never have tasted.

Third, after the date, dark chocolate body paint will cinch the evening.

Finally, add a flower and a personally written note. The scent of flowers have a calming effect on people, and intimate, personal expressions resonate straight to the heart.

Material required for the sentiment: any type of formal stationery, flower and vase, envelope.

Preparations: spend a week or so thinking about what to write. Don’t write anything until at least a week has passed, and you have taken time to think. Once you have something special in mind, set yourself to writing.

Note: if you write by hand, get extra pieces of stationery. There should be no scribbles or eraser marks. If you type, make sure the sentiment is centered nicely within the stationery.

The envelope should simply be labelled with “Love”. Of course, depending on the particular sentiment and the date night, it can be labelled “Lust”.

3. Sex dust

Sex dust is an aromatherapy herbal blend with a reputation for relaxing the mind while exciting the libido. For best results on date night, it is best presented during the morning with instructions to open it at work, if possible, to be left open on the desk…
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