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Today’s post is all about social media etiquette that should be done while you are in job hunt (& at all times). Most of these tips are common sense but sometimes we all need reminders.

Clean Up All Your Social Media Sites

Get rid of all of those embarrassing pictures you’ve been tagged in or posted. Nobody wants to see that super wasted picture of you, especially not a prospective employer.

Tip: Think twice about posting embarrassing picture of your friends and tagging them in it. If you wouldn’t want it posted, don’t do it to your friends.

Don’t Over Post

Sorry to say, but nobody wants a play by play of your day.

Don’t Tweet 15 times in 30 minutes or Pin a bunch of things at once.

Save The Drama For Your Mama

Keep the break up rant, arguments, fights, etc offline. People don’t want to read about your drama or problems. This might sound harsh, but causing/continuing a social media fight is not classy but trashy. Everyone is tougher when a screen is separating them. If your prospective boss were to read these, they might think less of you and that you enjoy fighting and drama.

Watch What You Post

Comments and posts don’t just disappear. If you wouldn’t say it in front of your mom, or even grandmother, then don’t post it. Posts for of raunchy or obscene language is not something you want your future boss to be.

Re-read Your Posts

Make sure words are spelled correctly and grammatical rules are considered. (Ex. there vs their vs they’re or your vs you’re).

Hope these help!

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