Some of the most inspirational boxing stories of all time

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When you think about the world of boxing, what comes to your mind? Fighting and champion are definitely a few words that would immediately pop up but inspirational is one that should as well. Today, we are going to be discussing some of the most inspirational fighters of all time and what their respective story is.

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Vinny Paz

One of the best eras in the history of boxing included names like “Sugar” Ray Leonard, Roberto Duran, and Ray “Boom-Boom” Mancini. However, there is a fighter known as Vinny Pazienza or Vinny Paz for short, that was a five-time champion of the world throughout that era and arguably was the best boxer of that time. However, in 1991 Pazienza was the passenger in a car crash that doctors believed would leave him permanently disabled.

He was forced to be cut from the wreckage of the crash in order to be sent to the hospital and suffered cracked vertebrae and was fitted for a metal halo to be screwed into his skull to stabilize his neck and head.

However, he was able to walk shortly after the surgery and returned to the boxing ring nearly one year after the accident. He also went on to defeat Dan Sherry with a knockout blow to win the IBO Super Middleweight Championship. If that does not speak about inspiration as he returned from a life-altering accident and, instead of just being able to walk, which is inspirational in itself, returned to his normal life and won another championship.

Danny Jacobs

Imagine going to the doctor’s office because you are dealing with some pain in your legs, and the doctor tells you that you are dealing with a form of spinal cancer called osteosarcoma. That is what happened with boxer Danny Jacobs. The doctor even told him that if he waited a few more days to be diagnosed, he could have died.

Jacobs was able to successfully undergo surgery to remove cancer from his body, but it left doubt in his ability to walk normally, and could be bound to a wheelchair for the remainder of his life. He went to rigorously rehab from the surgery and was able to return to the boxing ring less than six months after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma as he faced off against Jush Luteran inside the Barclays Center. His boxing predictions were not the best for that fight but he return to his passion which was more meaningful.

The fight was not much of a battle, but not the way you would have expected, as Jacobs landed a strike to Lutheran and knocked him out in 1:13 so far. He is still fighting to this day and continues to be a living inspiration for every single person watching him fight.


There are a lot of inspirational stories throughout one of the most iconic sports in the entire world in boxing. Whether it be surviving life-altering injuries or sickness or anything else, there is always going to be someone there that will make you feel a whole lot better about your own situation and motivate you to do more.

We talked about two fighters today, but there are hundreds of stories throughout the history of boxing that could definitely have been here as well. Make sure you are checking out all of the boxing picks that are available, as you can know a lot more from different inspiring fighters.

What are some inspirational stories, boxing or any other sport, that have made you feel good about their rise from something that could have been drastically different for their own livelihood?

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