8 surefire tricks for covering sunburns with makeup and skincare

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Who doesn’t want a sun-kissed, dewy skin after basking in the beach on a hot, summer day?

Summertime is the best season for beach getaways and outdoor travels. It’s also the perfect time to lay bare and achieve the stunning warm glow your pale skin has always wanted. On the flipside, summertime is also the prime time for sunburns.

Unfortunately, for some people, their expectations of getting beautifully bronzed were not met. Instead, they get burned – and it feels as bad as it looks.

The good thing is you can address sunburn (or the appearance of it) with the right skin care and makeup tricks. You should remember your three Cs: Conditioning your skin, Color-correcting the redness, and Covering the damage with makeup.

If you have nasty sunburns, here are 9 ways to condition, color-correct, and conceal them without causing further damage to your skin.

1. Apply sunscreen

I know what you’re thinking – if you already have a red, flushed face, you might think applying sunscreen would be useless.

While sunscreen doesn’t necessarily conceal red patches of yesterday’s bad decisions, they help prevent it from getting worse. Sunscreens will be gentle on already sunburned skin and will provide protection from all kinds of UV rays.

2. Soothe the burn with aloe vera gel

Before putting makeup right away (which may irritate your skin even more), make sure to soothe it first. Aloe vera gel, a.k.a “the wonder plant”, is hailed for its ability to relieve sunburns. It works like magic for cooling down your skin and facilitating the healing process.

If you don’t have a fresh plant, bottled aloe vera gel works too. Apply a thin layer of aloe vera gel as a base protective layer before putting on any makeup. This will act as a “primer” so you won’t directly apply foundation onto the damaged skin.

3. Skip harsh skincare products

The last thing you want to happen is to irritate your skin even further. When concealing your sunburns, make sure to avoid any active aging products, exfoliating products and tools, acne products, and alcohol-based treatments.

4. Stick to moisturizers

Stick to using products with moisturizing properties to soothe your skin and keep it hydrated. Seal in moisture with creamy yet lightweight moisturizers for your fa cw. Slather some velvety body lotions too during the day and night…
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