Young woman helping girl with homework

How to help your kids with homework

Homework has become a significant part of today’s learning. As a parent or a guardian, it’s your obligation to support, direct and encourage your children to do the best when it comes to their homework. Please note that a child’s homework can have a direct impact on their performance in the classroom and their overall […] Read more »
College Students

Top studying tips to revive your dying GPA

Students are usually under pressure to score excellent academic grades and high GPAs. The level of competition in the education sector seems to get fiercer. If you are focused, you might have less difficulty getting through most college hurdles. On the contrary, if you are lazy and undetermined, you will spend too much time complaining […] Read more »
young college students studying outdoors

8 things I wish I knew before starting college

Freshman year is all fun and exciting until you come across challenges and don’t know how to deal with them. So, if you have someone to tell you all about the ways to make the most of this time, you are lucky. For example, very few students know that they can hire a research paper […] Read more »
climate change

6 ways colleges and universities fight the climate change

There is hardly anyone who has not been affected by climate change recently. Sandstorms, hurricanes, and landslides – all of this is a consequence of climate change due to anthropogenic activity. This problem is ever-growing, reaching a global scale indeed. However, little was done to tackle the consequences of climate change in the past. Modern […] Read more »
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3 ways to help pay for the high cost of college

When you finally reach your senior year in high school, it’s an exciting time. There’s senior homecoming and prom, higher-level courses to take and special time to share with your best friends. Most of all there is a sense of becoming, of moving from time as a teenager to the first steps of adulthood. With […] Read more »