people crossing the street

Globalization and its impact on society

We live in a world that’s unrecognizable for only one generation before us. Our globe evolved from a flat disk into a global playground for humankind. Hence a word that didn’t exist not that long ago: Globalization. Globalization is a hot topic, and not only on TV channels. Even in classrooms around the world, all […] Read more »
man beginner guitarist

Practice essentials – top tips for beginner guitarists

You’ve finally decided to trade in your air guitar for a real one. Now what? Learning to play the guitar is one of the most popular hobbies to pick up, and rightly so. Playing this instrument offers a diverse array of benefits, from relaxation to aiding in learning. Plus, you get cool points for knowing […] Read more »
student in library taking notes

Education through multiple lenses

Most cultures would agree that education is an important aspect of society. It helps us move forward, advance in several field, and feel connected to our past. With that said, now more than ever we have started realizing that all students are not the same. Students are not monolithic creatures with one style of learning, […] Read more »
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Accounting basics everyone should know

Accounting typically seems very complicated which is the reason why the majority of people ignore this field completely. However, this is not the smartest decision as some basic knowledge in accounting will help us save, earn and spend money in a more reasonable way. What is more, basic accounting principles will help us understand our […] Read more »
girl speaking during conference

Short course – public speaking and presenting

Public speaking isn’t one of those things you can get better at by reading a book. You need to be doing it. You need to practice and you need a great coach to guide you in that practice. That’s what we provide. For 10 years clients have been using us to make an impact when […] Read more »